Bush arrested for war crimes

OK, so we all know that President Bush was arrested in Canada for war crimes earlier this week. What I’m wondering is how/why he got the bruise. Also, what was the Secret Service doing at this time?

Wait, I just got duped by a friend. I apologize. Mods you can already go ahead and close this thread. But here’s the link and tell me it doesn’t look real.

I was wondering. When you said "we all know that Bush was arrested for war crimes last week . . . " I was thinking NO! No I don’t freakin’ know that! How do I always miss these things?!


The link doesn’t work here in China. Can someone post a duplicate link somewhere or describe for me what was on that link?

Holy shit. I was accused of being the Biggest Dipshit[sup=]TM by Munch Please don’t horn in on my dipshittitude saluki_fan. :dubious:

(In case you want to know, you can see it here in all its glory. I’m actually kinda proud to make such an impact on someone. It’s not everyday I day I can touch so many. :smiley:

It’s a very convincing replica of a CNN World website with a story saying that President Bush was arrested for war crimes in Canada. It has a picture of the President with a bruise on his left cheek. It includes the text of the “charges” against the President, as well as the laws he “violated.”

The story is immensely in-depth, and all the links on the page work (linking back to the real CNN website). Basically there is nothing amiss with the site, except that the URL is http://world-CNN.com rather than http://www.cnn.com/WORLD, which is the URL you get if you go to CNN.com and click on the “world” link from there.

Next time, saluki_fan, check Snopes whenever you see, hear, or read something that sounds so bizarre.

(BTW, I was born in DuQuoin and have been to SIU. Small world. :D)

I think we should all give saluki_fan a one time pass on this one as being from Carbondale is punishment enough. Trust me, I’ve been there.

If he gets a pass for being from Carbondale, I ought to get a gift basket for being from Du Quoin. :smiley:

Southern Illinois does indeed bite the big one, but unless you live in Cairo don’t come crying to me. Carbondale is a cultural oasis compared to that hole.

Expect your cheese of the month baskets to begin in January, Derleth :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say that’s a beautifully done hoax. Someone took a lot of time with that one.

Why does SIU get a pass while thems of us from NIU don’t? What? You mean the only reason I wasn’t tossed out on my ear years ago is because nobody expects better from us Huskies, like we were some sort of Special Ed students? “Yeah, drop’s a moron but he spent four years in DeKalb. You can’t set the bar too high for people like that.”

saluki_fan fell into the same trap Mary Mapes (Dan Rather’s producer) did. She wanted the story to be true so much that she didn’t bother to check the sources…

I was thinking “I’m a journalism student. How the hell did I miss that?” I was about to hang up my press badge in shame.

When your school’s football team gets a bowl invite, you’re not allowed to get sympathy for anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

(At least they got the Silicon Valley Bowl-I was afraid they were gonna take my Dad away from home the week before Christmas, while I was up visiting. But the SVB isn’t until the 30th. Yay! Go Huskies!)