President Bush Should be Arrested

President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld, Secretary Powell, Chairmen of Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Advisor Rice…

All these should be arrested and tried in the Hague, along with Slobodan Milosevic.

The only reason the US officials are spared this fate is Might Makes Right. The US uses lawyers to say their officials are not criminals.

Americans are pathetic to give serious consideration to re-electing GW Bush. The fact that the country would come close to re-electing a genocidal psychopathic meglamaniacal murderer meanssssssssssss… the US is not my country anymore. It has been overtaken by maniacs.

Too much caffeine.

Let’s can the attackes on participants here.


yes. When you attempt to discredit a serious assertion by dismissing it as caffeine-babble, that is an attack.

Any more questions, or can we actually discuss the statement: Bush and his close advisors should stand trial for their actions in a world court. Or just executed with giant bombs dropped into their planning headquarters, like they have done to the freedom fighters in Iraq, who are resisting an unwelcome army in their country.

And they say liberals are soft on crime.

Yep, any politicians you disagree with, lock 'em up! If only there was a way to make sure they left office without having to resort to the world courts! Alas, there’s none I can see!

Don’t know if you’ll have a happy visit here without fleshing out your arguments a bit.

I say no, we should not execute any of the Bush government.
Any debaters?

How about have them stand trial?

well, hmmm. Not GIANT bombs. Maybe mini bombs would be more humane.

I vote
no trials.
Who’s with me?

I’m just sad that there’s no way for the people themselves to decide whether or not they want this crowd in office. Nope, it’s either a trip to the Hague or they’ll just stay in office forever and ever. Dang it all!

Hey, leave Slobo out of this. He’s cool.

Seriously, dude, lurk a bit before starting another thread. Another week ought to be enough.

how come slobo is on trial, but not our guys?

And why are you people here not outraged?

Can I ask a stupid question? What would the charges be See-ahm-bee? Could you list some charges Bush et al could (realistically) charged with? Feel free to list all their ‘crimes’ so that we can actually answer your question.

If you get nothing else out of this thread listen to this advice…it will spare you a lot of pain in future (as well as coming to a sticky end with the mods around here). There are MANY anti-Bush people on this board, but your OP is complete tin foil.


When come back, bring citations and explanations for the points of your case.
Or burning your post in The Pit.

See-ahm-bee: OK, say you are the prosecutor and I’m on the jury. Tell me (a) what Bush is accused of, (b) what your evidence is against him. I mean real charges, not make-believe ones like “being a terrible president.” That’s not against the law. You can’t prosecute someone for being terrible at their job. All you can do is fire them (which we intend to do, I assure you).

I agree with the thrust of the OP.

Charges? Genocide.

100,000 Iraqi civilians dead

Ix-nay on on the ombs-bay, See-ahm-bee, or you may end up like friend Derek Kjar, up to his armpits in Schutzstaffel.

For some reason it is a little different when you do it to your own people.