Bush -- Articles of Impeachment sent to committee

Articles of Impeachment Against Bush Are Sent to Panel on the NY Times website says – and this is the entire article –

Even if there’s little chance of its passing through the committee, etc. before the end of Bush’s final term, I would have thought this was kind of a big deal, and deserves more than two sentences of coverage.


Referring it to committee is the parliamentary equivalent of kicking it into a dark corner somewhere. As long as Pelosi and Hoyer have Conyers by the short and curlies, this thing won’t see the light of day again. Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Cheney the Sith Lord months ago…they got referred to committee. Have YOU heard anything about them since?

There are exactly 3 people on the Judiciary Committee, out of 37, who are pushing for the articles to be taken up by that committee, and Chairman Conyers is not one of them. Which means they will not be taken up.

As fond as I am of the image of Cheney and Bush in the dock of the Senate, it isn’t going to happen. Kucinich is channeling Don Quixote and tilting at windmills. I wish it were otherwise.

As to the media coverage, it’s a combination of things. First, this is only a big deal if it actually happens. The media know this.

Second, the mainstream media have long abandoned actual journalism.

See Rep. Kucinich reads articles of impeachment. Is there any point?

That thread includes this quote from CNN: