Bush Blackout Speech - What A Moron!!!

Can you imagine what the guy is like at a summit conference? What if he was representing our interests at Yalta?

OK, moron, I just saw an Power Company representative interviewed on the news and he explained that in situations like this it was common for people to experience rolling blackouts. Since the grid is interconnected all over the country, this is the best way to make sure a major outage does not spread even further.

It’s all empty symbolism anyway. I agreev with Monty. Why does the president have to say anything? It’s not like he can fix it and it’s not like anyone that’s affected is going to give a shit about some hackneyed platitudes uttered by a politician.

Anyone who is surprised that the POTUS didn’t come off as an eloquent, charming and otherwise personable entity should blame it on the fact that they have been living in a cave since last century.

And this is really near the bottom of a long list of his failings.

Like, number 592.

Ummm…“national crisis”? It sure sucks when your power is out, especially over a large area, but it’s not a “national crisis”.

I have to second Revtim’s post here. Bush shouldn’t even have wasted his time speaking on it. Of course, if he hadn’t, I’m sure people would have referred to him as “uncaring” and “aloof”. Or maybe just as “history’s greatest monster”…yeesh. I don’t even like or respect the guy any more, but I can sure see an unwarranted pile-on here.

Cooda been worse.

At least he didn’t say something like, “This administration will not tolerate any blackouts that are NOT caused by our own energy policy…”

Yes, my apologies. It was a lame pit thread.

I guess it doesn’t matter that a long-standing public official and business man, and now president, who has probably has had more than ample public speaking opportunities in his life, prepared and otherwise, still cannot speak properly.

Speak Properly. Define that term. I’d love to hear what your defintion of speaking properly is.

That’s OK Duckster - damn straight, he should have done a better job tonight. Us Texans are not all stupid, I tell y’all!

Well, you got one thing right.

I’m amazed you didn’t mention the president’s poopy pants!


I have a definition of speaking properly!

It’s only my little definition, but I like it.

Speaking properly involves expressing a thought clearly and succinctly, using correct and proper grammar for your language and situation.

When a person speaks properly, he or she has few pauses of the “um” or “uh” variety. Pauses other than those delineating a list or the end of a thought are placed intentionally for effect, but ought not be used too often.

I understand that the President shows signs of a slight mental disability/disorder that his father also exhibited, one that has to do specifically with public speaking. As far as I am aware, this disorder is treatable.

With all the time Mr. Bush spends on his ranch in Crawford, I would think he could afford a little time with a speaking tutor. But that’s just my opinion.

Because, thanks to our climate of fearmongering, a lot of people immediately assumed the blackouts were caused by terrorists.

I just wonder why everyone’s making such a big deal about the blackouts to begin with. From all accounts I’ve heard, the authorities believe power will be restored in a few hours anyway. Are folks on the east coast that dependent on their machines that they can’t hack a power outage for more than ten minutes?

Because it could be a TERRORIST ATTACK!!! and their could be RIOTS AND DEATH!! ORGY of MURDER MURDER MURDER!!!

Stupid media sensationalism.

Right on DuckSter!

The Northeast power grid goes off and the President has some dumbass taped comments.

Worst Fucking President Ever.

Oooh, I can’t wait till I get to see The Daily Show tomorrow. I’ll have to be careful not to break a rib. Oh Jon, you slay me.

There’s an show on UK TV that does a great GWB impression. He usually starts his speeches with something like:

“My fellow pelicans…”

You misunderstand the procedure. The first question is a formality because it’s written and known in advance (the PM) can fend it off readily). It’s value lies in being allowed a second supplemental question that the PM doesn’t have sight of in advance.

So they just skip the pretence of the first question (I refer the Honourable . . ) and get to the meat of the second question.

“My fellow Armenians…”

I’m with Monty, Diogenes, and others who were taken by surprise that someone actually expected the president of the United States to concern himself with a power outage. I think he and his Gestapo agencies already interfere with too much of our lives as it is. Please don’t open more doors than are open already.