Bush Campaign Advocates Drug Use for Disgruntled Workers


This is the kind of smart-ass remark that belies all the glurge about “compassionate conservatism”. It is a divisive remark that trivializes the real problems people have. I suppose someone will be along shortly and smirk, “It was only a joke!”, but that speaks volumes about what Republicans find funny. To dismiss the pain of others with a snarky one-liner is the face of the true Republican, and all the platitudes about caring and compassion are just a sop to guileless voters.

Do working class Republicans not see that their party holds them in contempt?

Could you do that link again, because either I’m going insane (always a possibility) or your link doesn’t contain the text you quoted. Nor can I find anything by googling “Susan Sheybani” and “Prozac,” nor anything relevant with “Terry Holt” and “Prozac.” Sounds like a great story though.

Ah, here’s your story:

And indeed she was “only kidding.” Well, whatever.

Huh. “Get a new job.” Why didn’t I think of that, rather than spend ten months on a job search! Boy, that’s rude. Kidding or not. Actually, it’s even ruder if she was kidding.

  1. Some mid-level bozo makes a borderline offensive remark, and I’m supposed to care?

  2. I am greatly disappointed to find out no one in the Bush campaign is advocating illegal drug use, which was implied by the thread title.

  3. This is stupid.

It just goes to show the mindset of the campaign.

Let them eat cake.

Well that’s weird; I tested that link before I posted, as well as after. Now it’s different. Oh well, here’s the original:


Mid-level? She’s a student who worked for the campaign answering phones. (She’s a Cherry Blossom Princess who’s interned for Dick Armey.)

While that may well be a prevailing attitude, it’s good practice to stick to supportable arguments to show it, instead of grasping for an extremely lame fallacy of composition.

WTF kind of “news” is this anyway? Isn’t there some fluffy kitten they can talk about? 'Cause this crap is just stupid.

Good Lord. What a stooooopid little bint.
I hope her boss makes her do research on how few low-wage jobs offer medical insurance to pay for Prozac and what a tiny fucking minority of those offer mental-heath options at all.

And I was hoping this reffered to the Bush camp changing its mind about cracking down on pot purely just because someone found a way to make it more pleasurable (the fact that it’s more enjoyable, with no other known side-effects, means that it’s even more evil?).

Agreed. With my sarcastic sense of humor, I don’t think I’ll ever make it as a politician.

The best teacher is experience. They should get her a prescription for prozac, and then fire her.

It could be the opening, the movement of the Bushiviks to exploit a previously untapped section of the public. Though I don’t see where she actually implies that these drugs and others will be provided by the Admin…
“So, like, I sign this absentee ballot and I get free drugs?”

“One from the Schedule A, two from Schedule B, just like the sign says.”

“Cool. So, I’m like, voting for this guy Bush?”

“Right. Iraq doesn’t bother you, does it?”

“A rock?”

“Never mind. Sign here…”

The Bush campaign didn’t advocate Prozac for disgrunted workers any more than the Kerry campaign stiffed an airport. Attributing the crappy choice of words or unfortunate financial mix-up of some campaign worker to the entire operation is a tiresome and unnecessary tactic.

I don’t think that this little bitch speaks for the whole of the Bush campaign, but all the same I hope she winds up with a shit job and has to whore herself out to afford prozac.

I spend 10 bloody months to find one single shit job and this cunt says “find a new one or take a prozac.” Funny girl :mad:

And yet furthers the stereotype of those on anti-depressants who just gleefully pop their “happy pills”.


So what? She made an off-color joke to a fellow office worker that happened (dumb luck) to be overheard by a reporter. I have said, and heard said, a lot worse. But then, biting sarcasm is the rule of the day in my job.

She should learn to watch what she says when there’s the possibility of being overheard. Beyond that, I see no great sin, here.

Why should only poor people get Prozac?

Prozac AND Ritalin should be in the water supply. Think of how happy and productive we’d all be :slight_smile:

Yeah, we don’t want the working class to know what we think of them.