George W Bush and Depression

Recently, I was sent an article titled “Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior”. <> The only source I am able to google for this article or its subject is “Capitol Hill Blues”. Before I can pass an article along to friends, I need to have some means of authentication. Any help?

Capitol Hill blue is all there is for that article. They also published one on a similar theme last month. While CHB does pick up some significant scoops, they also publish a lot of stuff that never gets verified by other sources.
Wait for Drudge to give us the STRAIGHT DOPE before you get too excited over the story. :wink:

Maybe he’s just taking advice from a campaign worker:

(This was in USA Today yesterday; I looked for a link online, but didn’t find anything.)

After I posted I realized this was GQ, not MPSIMS.

Sorry for not really adding anything constructive to the thread.


Perhaps this should tell you something.

D’oh! Why can’t I think of things like that on my own!? I’ll just go down to the “New Job Store” on Monday after work and ask for a new job! That’ll be cool!

(I’m already on Prozac, but who isn’t?)