Bush becomes a Doper?!


No real pitting here, per se, just passing along the tidbit … True? False? I guess that’s for them to know. It would explain a lot.

I’ve never heard of “Capital Hill Blue”, but that article reads like something out of the Onion.

Phew! For a moment there, I thought you meant Dubya had forked over his $14.95 to…

Now, if he had, which Doper do you think he’d be? Whose user ID might be hiding the Leader of the Free World[sup]tm[/sup]? :dubious:

That’s some source you are putting faith in.

Oh, great. Another no real Bush pitting.

At the very least, the “diagnoses” of megalomania and all that have come up before, in a thread I can’t be bothered to search for. I defended Bush then, and for the novelty of it I’ll do it again: such diagnoses are about as low as a professional psychiatrist can get, in my humble opinion, and I don’t care what university they’re tenured at.

As for the anti-depressants, so what? I know lots of people on anti-depressants, and they’re perfectly fine. After all, it’s medicine, and that’s the point; would we rather he didn’t take them?

Yeah, but it did provide the opportunity to find out for sure if you’re a good kisser.

He blew up frogs with firecrackers as a youth, and he now dislikes the French. I see a pattern…

The Onion should be left to The Onion.

I know he can function normally, or at least better while on his medication but I think it is something the public should know and be able to discuss without another “oh no I have nothing to add except I disapprove of this thread topic but for some reason I am still willing to bump it.”

He is in control of thousands of nuclear weapons. *I * want to know if his medication or lack of it would ever put the world at risk.

This quote, from the end of the article, suggests to me that this is some kind of a joke:

If this is a legitimate story, I’m a fellow depression sufferer who wouldn’t be worried about his mental state (and I’m not a Bush supporter, for what it’s worth).

The Onion’s funny. That article is more unsettling than anything. If true.

I guess we’ll all have to hold our collective breath, then, until someone more credible like World Net Daily or FOX picks up the scent.

When we pit Bush, you’re disappointed. Yet, when we don’t pit Bush, you’re disappointed … keep those cards and letters coming, Liberal. I know you will.

It’s all I’m saying.

NoClueBoy would be my guess…

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for WildestGeorge.

I don’t know if this is aimed at me, but I’ll respond anyway; I don’t disapprove of the OP, which doesn’t particularly advance an opinion, and I agree that this should be a subject that can be discussed. I just believe that the reasonable conclusion is that medical professionals who are willing to use their status to pronounce upon people they have likely never met, let alone treated, are utterly repugnant. As for the medication allegations, I just believe they are firstly inconsequential, and given the general style of writing in the article are likely being blown out of all proportion. Just as an example, consider this excerpt:

So did the sources say his actions were erratic, or is this something added by the author? To me the use of quotation marks strongly suggest that the “erratic actions” part is the reporter’s interpretation, and not something that was actually said. Shorn of this, the quote becomes rather uninspiring. Yes, anti-depressants are powerful medications. Medications that a large percentage of the population take, without ill effects.

I don’t know what capitolhillblue.com is like (although I can guess its agenda), but just the way that article is written screams gutter journalism to me. And like I said before, defending Bush is pretty far from my first instinct; this sort of thing is just really tasteless.

Family background, maybe? Poppy’s medical history:

Someone I know used to take Halcion regularly but couldn’t take the nightmares and the altered perceptions.

Bush strikes me as being a clueless pawn of the right who truly believes what he is saying and simply parrots what he is told by the forces of the right wing. Contrary evidence is ignored and the thought of being wrong never even creeps into his mind. So if he were a member of this board, I’d say it was december.

If Cheney a member of this board, I’d say it was Brutus. Vicious, uncharismatic, and without a functioning heart.

Many, many things in this article don’t pass the whiff test. Just how many “administration aides” would know whether Bush was taking anything, or specifically what he was taking? I doubt they’d be sending out a memo.

Given that the pool of people “in the know” would be a small handful of the inner cadre, why would they jeopardize their careers by blabbing to the press? The only reason a loyal Presidential staff member would do so would be if they were genuinely alarmed that the President’s mental state made him unfit for his job. In which case, if they were * going * to blab to the press, why would they choose a reporter from some inconsequential internet rag to do it to?
And while I’m not even close to being medical professional, it seems as though most drugs for treating depression nowadays are pretty innocuous from a mental acuity perspective. (Dunno about treatments for “paranoia and hostility”, but that’s a mighty vague diagnosis anyway.)

No, no, no. December was too intelligent to be Bush, and Brutus is too nice to be Cheney. Not that either of those statements is too great a compliment.

I’d say Bush was Milum. Incoherent, tended to make up words, aggressive, right-wing politics.

I’d peg milroyj for Cheney-nasty, petty and heartless.

Doesn’t look like the topic is going anywhere; maybe we can turn this into something fun…

And let’s diversify!

Who’s Michael Moore? Reeder? Not likely

Al Franken? elucidator? hmmm, maybe

Karl Rove?