Bush becomes a Doper?!

If Bush has depression that is responsive to medications, then I hope he is on them. I can think of no anti-depressants in current use that could reasonably described in the hyperbolic language used in this article.

I will let someone else respond to the idea of “dry-drunk” behavior. I will, however, respond to this:

Pure, uncut bullshit. A history of chemical dependency is not a contraindication to treatment with modern anti-depressants.

As for Capitol Hill Blue, I will always remember them as the source for the story that Clinton did not complete his studies at Oxford because he raped a woman there. Their single source was a guy who had been a janitor there at the time.

Look at you, wandering around the boards and throwing out random compliments!

I’m disappointed when you pit Bush for mispronouncing words, or for having a goofy hairdo, or for not running out of the school like George Costanza in an apartment fire. If any of you ever decides to pit him for his tyranny, I will be delighted.

Just a few days ago, a friend and I were saying that, with the high stress, constant criticism, and extreme pressure of the job, we’d be very much surprised if EVERY modern president weren’t on antidepressants of some sort.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t.

[checks reports for mention of WMDs being in Chefguy’s possesion…]
I guess you’re clear. But watch it! I’ve got an itchy trig… Ooh, look! A QUARTER!

JFK took a drug cocktail every day. For purely physical reasons, of course: his chronic back problems and whatever else was wrong with him. But it may well have had some effect on his mental/emotional state. We still survived the Red October, though.

Posted by Brutus:

Jesus Christ, Brutus, warn us before making a valid point for the first time! Like to give me a heart attack.

The article does sound like a joke. (If it were a true story, you’d kinda think it would be in the regular papers.)

But only because of Jack Ryan’s brilliant powers of deduction, and Captain Sean Connery’s shrewd tactical genius. (And even he only gave their mission about 1 chance in 3 of succeeding.)

At first I thought there was a typo in the title. My bad.

This is definitely a joke site. At the beginning of the article there’s an ad for air filters guaranteed to last 1,000,000 miles.