Bush/Cheney 2000

Well, it looks like this is the ticket. As a Republican, I’m pleased with the choice.

I don’t know if I could’ve handled a ticket of

Bush/Cox (Christopher Cox)


Bush/Keating (Frank Keating).

Just sound them out, think bad thoughts, and you’ll understand.

I hate politics.

Oops, sorry, for a minute I thought you meant Lon Chaney. Carry on.

Don’t step on it; it may be Dick Cheney.

Ummm, who are these people?
I realize that I’m sort of out of touch with Republican politics (having made it my lifelong goal to defeat them), but I would kinda like to know what’s going on.

As a yellow-dog Democrat I was very pleased that Mr Bush has chosen Cheney. With all the talk about him choosing Colin Powell I was afraid he might pick somebody who could help pick up some swing voters. No chance of that with Dick Cheney! Nope, nobody outside of the Republican Party has heard of him, nor do they care. And being a part of the last Bush administration is not much recommendation, either.

I recall talk that George, Sr wanted to ditch Quayle the second time and go with Cheney. Is young George trying to live his dad’s dream of a second term? There has to be a better reason to run for President than to fulfill your dad’s dreams, whether your name is Bush or Gore.

Guess it is better than being paired with Conrad Burns (R - MT). Bush/Burns

What do you mean no one’s heard of him? He was Bush’s secretary of defense. The other Bush. During the war, remember? Is everyone here so young?

Trivia: who was the last four-letter last-named president to be elected?

You don’t think Dick Cheney is a bad choice, namewise?

New bumper sticker: “Bush and Dick. Together at last.”

How about this motto:

Oil/Oil for oil!

Dear god. This sounds like a petulant child portesting, “Mom, but I don’t like broccoli. I’ve never had it, but I just know I don’t like it.”

This is just the kind of ignorance we’re trying to battle here. How can you claim something is bad if you know nothing about it? Now, shut up and eat yout broccoli; it’s good for you.

Right, Bush/Cheney. How badly I really want someone against the enviornment, against the right to having an abortion, FOR prayers in school, …basically your typical jerk-off couple that would love to see a “white” america rule the world in a “beautiful” way. I definitely think we could do better. I’m usually not into polotics, but thankfully I vote, so I have a right to complain about it. This one time, I really do dislike the available choices, but Bush is not anywhere near on my list of favorites for anything. His dad was good, I’ll hand him that, in fact, I was all for his dad mostly because of national/international policy and the way he handled our military, but the young’en, nope. Not my guy.

That’s a bit contradictory soulsling.

  1. You like Bush Sr. for his international policy and the way he handled the military.

  2. You dislike Bush Jr.

  3. Bush Jr. & Chaney (Sec of Defense from Bush Sr) get no points?

I’d have expected at least SOME kind word in all that.

And it’s better than Mr. Bore. No matter who he is this week. :wink:

David B and I have decided to move this to GD before it gets too silly or quarrelsome.

Y’all are gonna have to behave when we get to David and Gaudere’s house. And don’t forget to wipe your feet at the door.

Nah, I definitely don’t like Gore all that much, but his views on national policy strike my fancy much more. It’s not Chaney so much i dislike, it’s the young Bush. I feel as if he’s just a bit too rigid in his stand on the enviornment and prayers in school. I would rather have someone who’s trying to repair damage to this country and help it heal before trying to make it grow more powerful. Again, I’m no politician, I don’t claim to know anything near what these gentlemen do, but from the pros and cons of their stands according to what I read in the paper, I see Bush as some type of “Good 'ol Boy” ready to try and convert the entire country to his narrow minded views. Let me know what Bush has to offer this country that would benefit the well being of all of us, and perhaps I might change my mind.

Here’s a pretty good analysis of Cheney as the number two man on the GOP ticket.


With a lot of luck and a little hard work, Cheney will be able to carry his new home state of Wyoming for Bush, and all three of its electoral votes. That’s nothing to sneeze at, you know.

Links to Bush, that’s what I need. Chaney I liked already.

Personally, I think Elizabeth Dole would have been a better running mate. It would bring balance to the ticket. Besides, when the Zero Year Curse kicks in and The Dubya buys it, we get to have Bob Dole as First Gentleman. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I don’t think Bush will get elected. In the national debates this fall, someone’s going ask a question he won’t like and he’ll flub it, just like that “foreign policy question” earlier this year. Bush’s ratings in the polls will plummet and Gore will take the election.

While I’m only luke-warm on Gore as president, he’s better than “I’ll say anything my handlers/advisors tell me to say” Dubya. The man is nothing but a sock-puppet.

What?! You mean the Republican vice-presidential candidate is–let me get this straight–an old, rich, white guy?? That’s dashed cunning on the part of Bush; he’s got the old, rich, white guy vote sewn up for sure. That is, until Gore nominates a middle-aged, rich, white guy. Boy, what strategy! I’m so glad to see our major party candidates spanning the entire political spectrum–from luke-warm centrist Democrats to luke-warm centrist Republicans!

[bile]You know what I love most about our presidential politics? They’re so gosh-darned inclusive![/bile]