Cheneys book comes out and he was right, every one else wrong

I don’t know if Great Debates is the place for this, but Cheney does cause a lot of heat.
Cheney’s book has come out , Condi was in over her head. Powell was not a team player and was forced out. The war in Iraq was fine and just. Waterboarding is not torture , besides we didn’t torture that many . Tenet was a big problem and caused trouble.
Cheney was right on in every case. He has no regrets.

Wilkerson, Powell’s chief of staff, claims Cheney fears being put on trial for war crimes.

Does he reveal what he kept in that “man-sized safe?”

Probably someone he shot in the face who DIDN’T survive and live to apologize for getting in the way of The Great Veep

Powell not a team player ? This is the guy who put it on paper that nothing happened at My Lay. This is the guy with the vial of anthrax at the UN, selling that shit like it was the Good News. You couldn’t find a yes-man more yessy if you hired a Thai hooker.

Presumably, his canopic jar.

His phylactery.

It could go either way, but I think this is more of a Pitting.

Hell, even Albert Speer was willing to concede that mistakes were made.

I absolutely loved it when it was revealed that he literally has no pulse.

Was this by any chance reported by MSNBC?

No, MSNBC reported that he rises at night to feed on the blood of the living. The artificial heart thing is pretty widely known amongst people who pay attention.

Awesome! I’m glad everything has been cleared up.

I didn’t realize that an artificial heart prevented him from having a pulse. Is that really true or just a funny comment on the fact that his heart is augmented.

Also, so THAT’S where all my sister’s blood went!

It is literally a pulseless heart pump. He has to wear a special medical alert bracelet to inform people so that when he arrives in the ER after his next heart attack they won’t think something Lovecraftian is happening.

here in Powell’s chief of staff on Cheney. he says Cheney is afraid to travel abroad because he could get put on trial for war crimes.

I don’t want to read the whole book. Does it reveal the formula for how much virgin blood is required to animate the dead?

It’s the dry, understated quality that packs the punch.

Wow. Just wow.
More on Cheney from a Republican in the administration, not a Lib.,Wilkerson . Condi is slamming Cheney too.

Did he co-write this with his daughter (the non-gay one) who is carrying on Daddy’s legacy? He should have the decency to skulk away into a dark cave somewhere and never show his face in public again. But I guess “decency” and Cheney in the same sentence or thought is a non-starter.
Here is Condi and Powell responding disgustedly to Cheney’s rosy memoir. He always was a lying prick. Now he turns on his associates.