Former VP Cheney hospitalized, resting comfortably.

They should be water-boarding him. Then he wouldn’t be so comfortable. But then, he might start telling the truth (if his methods for getting the truth are to be believed).

Aw yeah, bitches. Who’s bringing the kleenex? Are we going with the K-Y Intense or the regular stuff? Not sure I like the Intense–little much for me.

BTW, I’m thinking of signing up just so I can get the custom title “Circle Jerk Cock Blocker.”

You aren’t actually going to try to defend Cheney, are you?

I have no dog in this fight, but being a cockblocker in a circle jerk actually doesn’t sound very fun at all.

Takes all kinds, I suppose.

That’s it?

Weak. Very weak.

Here’s a link about Cheney’s chest-pain episode and hospitalization today.

While I’m no fan of Dick Cheney, I have to say I don’t think this is the most appropriate occasion for starting a Pit thread about him. I’ll confine my remarks to saying that I hope for Cheney’s family’s sake that he recovers quickly from this episode, and I’m happy that he has access to high-quality affordable health care so that he can receive excellent medical attention and care when he experiences symptoms that might presage a medical emergency, and I wish that more Americans were as fortunate in that regard as he is.

Aw yeah bitches, now we got some health care reform flavor up in our circle jerk . . .

Weak? Just tonight it was proved that he lied. His documentation on the positive effects of water-boarding did not correspond with his time line. Interestingly, the threads on the story don’t seem to function properly since it was reported that he is hospitalized. Is he dead?

This thread pops up but then disappears:

Is there a censor? Can you get it to stick?

I guess it must have been a while since he last fed. Watch out for strange, late night deliveries to the hospital over the next couple of days.

I can’t believe they disclosed his location.

If I go to Hell I will expect to meet him there. If I don’t find him there I will know I’m in heaven. There is no mercy for the POS that the world knows as Dick Cheney. I can cut a lot of people a lot of slack. I try to see both sides. There is no excuse for Cheney. If he would have just STFU after his sorry excuse for an Administration got tossed I would give him his rest. He didn’t, I don’t.

Wow, you really do never miss an opportunity to act out your group-masturbation fantasies on this board.

At first I was hoping that this (IMO) rather tasteless and gratuitous Pitting would fade and die, but now I’m afraid that that might encourage you in your pantomimed groping of other posters’ virtual cocks.

So I guess the best thing that other posters can do in this and other threads where you pop up (eww) trying to divert the discussion to the topic of circle-jerking is to just continue with their discussion and let you get on with the business of finding your, um, gratification.

Obsessed with cocks, are you?

What he has access to is free government health care. He isn’t paying for any of it. We are. You are correct that it would be better if all Americans had access to the same socialized health care that he enjoys.

So what would be?

So tell us how you really feel.

Cheney lied? Nooooo! My faith in humanity is shattered. SHATTERED!!!

BTW. None of that was in your OP, not that it’s any less weak.

Part of me hopes the fucker dies. The other part hopes he lives long enough to see at least some of the verdict that history will give him. He doesn’t deserve to escape the judgment of the next generation like Hitler did. Maybe someday it will be as unthinkable to name an American child Richard as it is now to name one Benedict.

Yes it was. But then, to people of your sort, the word “truth” is very fluid according to what you want it to mean.

Again, “TRUTH”.