Bush demands a standing ovation.

Or he won’t give his speech

What kind of trash is this coming from our president?

Is this for real??

The only article I could find on this was on Google News, which was a link to a web site which just had a link to the link you posted.

I have a feeling that it isn’t true (if it is, I’ll laugh).

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I shouldn’t be surprised but for some reason I am. What planet does this guy live on? What a child.

Of course, the Daily Mirror isn’t biased in the least…

Biased doesn’t mean not true.

I would seriously doubt the Mirror sponsoring this poll has anything to do with bias; they are probably doing it to (surprise) sell more newspapers. Nothing like jumping on a popular groundswell to help sales.

Given that the author of the article, Paul Gilfeather, is making something of a name for himself in Britain as a distorter of the truth (when he is not actually caught lying), I would say that the lack of any other sources strongly suggests that there is nothing to the story.

At last! At long last! A story about what a butt-munch GeeDubya is that I don’t believe! Who says I automatically believe any stupid story about him no matter what! 'Cause I don’t believe this one. No sirree, Bob. I don’t believe it!

I’ll thank you to take your liberal, left-wing ass and haul it!

You are asking me to doubt the truth of the printed word? Well, hey pal, this is a democracy. How dare you question the veracity of a tabloid newspaper!

If it’s in a national newspaper then it must be true and I, for one, fully intend to believe it. I intend to believe it 100% until tomorrow when they print a retraction and then I will believe something else.

How dare you question the truth of the written word, especially when it appears in such a hallowed organ as the Daily Mirror.

I, for one, am flabbergasted and I ask you to take 5 minutes aside tonight in quiet contemplation to reconsider your actions.

But Jojo, it’s in a British newspaper. It must be false.

I believe the part about not wanting hecklers, if nothing else…ah, hell, I believe the whole thing. It just sounds so much like something his handlers would demand. They’re like Hollywood publicists, these guys.

I know tabloids are not exactly defenders of the English language, but for goodness sakes “CLAP ME OR NO EU SPEECH”?

“CLAP ME” ???

[To nobody’s surprise I’m sure] I feel exactly as elucidator does. It’s refreshing to see an anti-Bush fiction finally published! We used to have lies about the President published almost daily when a guy from another party (you remember, that pervert who led us through 8 hellish years of peace and prosperity?) was in office.

Ah, good times.

It’s on BBC as well, FWIW.


Oh brother. I feel bad for Usians.

so it looks as if elucidator and xenophon are going to have to postpone their little celebration…


“Applaud” has too many syllables for a British tabloid, I’m afraid.

“Applaud me?”

“Give me applause” would have been better, “Applaud me” slightly worse, but “Clap me” just sounds downright ignorant.