Bush DUI

Was George W. Bush convicted of a DUI after his drunk driving arrest?
Was DUI a felony at the time/in that state?
If so, is he the first convicted felon to serve as President?

Is a DUI a felony? I can’t say I know great deal about the US legal system.

It appears he paid a $150 fine and was temporaily suspended from driving:

That link states

DUI may not have been a felony in that state and/or Bush was able to plead to a lesser misdemeanor charge instead of going to court.

Seems in Maine it’s only considered a felony based on prior convictions.

MADD site.

G. W. Bush’s conviction record? its an interesting history…
in 1999, bush was asked about alleged cocaine use. his comment was that he had committed “no felonies in the last twenty-five years.” seems like this is a tricky response. so, what about before 1974?
now, we know for a fact that G.W. has 3 known arrests on his record. one was for DUI. he was also arrested in college when he and some frat. brothers were caught trying to steal a Christmas wreath. the third arrest was for disorderly conduct at a football game. you have to stop and think about this last one. as michael moore noted, “You’ve gotta work pretty hard to get noticed in a crowd of drunken football fans.”
this is a little curious as well. we all know that G.W. was a member of the texas national guard. however, he went A.W.A.L. without any backlash. according The Boston Globe of May 23, 2000, the president simply left his post for about a year and a half.
strange, no?

To me the AWOL is more disturbing then anything else on that list. A DUI from the 1970’s that he plead guilty to? Nobody was hurt and he accepted punishment. A couple stupid college pranks? Youthful stupidity.

However, ducking out of a post that you got into the avoid going to Nam? That’s more then just a tiny bit slimely.

HPL: What’s even more disturbing is that you’re saying he was AWOL when the military didn’t charge him with that. Who are you…Judge, Jury, & Executioner?

Aussie Dopers, just FYI Bush was drinking with Newks, Australian tennis player John Newcombe.

Why, I do not know.