Did George Bush really do Cocaine?

All Right. We’ve all heard the story of how our esteemed President was a stoner, a drunk, and just an all around druggy for most of his life. But besides his DUI and his “I was not very smart back then… ;)” comments, are there photos or any real evidence, aside from his rather impaired brain, to support his Marijuana and Cocaine habits?

If there was documetary evidence, I suspect that it would have been splashed all over the media, last summer. (There are a few comments by old acquaintances–I’d not call them friends–but nothing that anyone would stand in front of Dan Rather and repeat.)

My guess would be that he almost certainly did do the stuff, given his age and the times in which he was supposed to have been indulging. Having said that, I would also say that I think it’s irrelevant to his presidency. I’m perfectly willing to beat him up on his actions today without trying to discover whether he was in violation of any laws (that were often enforced more in the breach than the act) 30 years ago.

I would agree were it not for the fact that his presidential campaign was based largely on his record as governor of Texas. And that record demonstrated an almost cavalier willingness to lock people away in one of the more horrid penal systems in the nation for actions he himself got away with when he was “young and irresponsible.”

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That being said, as has been noted before, the Governor of Texas doesn’t lock anybody away. People are imprisoned under State laws that are the product of the efforts of the (historically Democrat dominated) Texas State Legislature.

Did he make efforts to decriminalize drugs while Governor? Not that I can remember. Perhaps he’s not convinced that is a good idea. I can’t remember much of anybody from either of the two parties making much of a strong stand for decriminalization, although there are significant numbers of people in both major parties who will argue for it.

I always thought it was wierd that he wouldn’t say either way whether or not he had. I’m a Bush supporter (apparently one of the very few), and I don’t understand it. He came right out and admitted it when the news of his DUI came out. (And don’t tell me, “Well, he didn’t tell about it right away, he was hiding it!”, because why would anybody bring it up for no reason?) I don’t understand why he won’t admit OR deny the cocaine use. I personally think he probably did at one time use it. I’d also like to point out that not being a good public speaker isn’t the same as brain damage.

But brain damage does impair public speaking.

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AFAIK, the most widely known in-print allegation of Shrub’s cocaine use was made by J.H. Hatfield in his book “Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President.” According to Hatfield, he interviewed a number of people after noting an oddity in Shrub’s record. In 1972, Shrub worked at a community center in Dallas called Project P.U.L.L. working with young black men. Hatfield wondered why Shrub, who hadn’t shown any previous inclination to work with underpriviledged minority youth, would suddenly go to work at such a place. He added that to the fact that Shrub had had a new driver’s license issued to him (in Texas criminal information is tied to driver’s license numbers) and Shrub’s evasions on the issue of cocaine use and began conducting interviews. he claimed he had three sources who confirmed that Shrub was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972 and in exchange for community service at Project P.U.L.L. hs record would be expunged.

I read Hatfield’s book and found myself in the extraordinary position of believing the allegation but not trusting the reportage of it. The way Hatfield wrote up the alleged anonymous interviews left me with the feeling that the interviews were not accurately quoting their subjects (or that they might not exist), but that the people he quoted on the record were being truthful and that the evidence he cited independent of the interviews was compelling.

I hear Hatfield died fairly recently under unusual circumstances but I haven’t been able to locate an obituary. Anyone have any information on his death?

First of all, the Democrats which dominate Texas legislature are so conservative the only reason they aren’t GOP is because they are 80 years old. As the governor, Bush had the power to veto and work against these laws, and had the power to pardon most anyone. In this case, the overall parties are irrelevant because they all share the same conservative backround.

There are gobs of sites out there with something to say, but Salon was the closest to a reputable media outlet that I could find with something on it:

Bush biographer commits suicide

AFAIK, it was a suicide. That’s all I know, though. I’m sure someone will be by with more info.

What follows are the Texas State Senate Democrats:

Armbrister, Kenneth L.

Barrientos, Gonzalo

Bernsen, David

Cain, David

Ellis, Rodney

Gallegos, Mario, Jr.

Lucio, Eddie, Jr.

Madla, Frank L.
San Antonio

Moncrief, Mike
Fort Worth

Shapleigh, Eliot
El Paso

Truan, Carlos F.
Corpus Christi

Van de Putte, Leticia
San Antonio

West, Royce

Whitmire, John

Zaffirini, Judith

There are too many to list, but you can go peruse this list of the Texas State House Democrats.

And on the federal level we have Texas United States House Democrats.

I, of course, don’t track all these individuals’ actions. But of the ones from my area as well as the others who make the news from time to time, I can’t think of a single one who is characterized as conservative. There may be one or two hunkered down out there, but to call the Texas Democratic Party conservative is, well, just silly.

Well, i don’t live in Texas, and i wouldn’t know as well as you, but I was relying on the fact that Texas Law appears to be pretty conservative (correct me if im wrong), what with the big tax cuts, the sloppy (im not an environmentalist, but it seriously is crappy) pollution and bad air, and of course the whole death penalty thing. Also most southerners are conservative and if you look throughout the south, the Democratic party is made pretty much of old conservatives who hang on to their job by doing whatever the public wants.

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