Texas Governor G. W. Bush

For those of you who lived in Texas when Bush was Governor there, or those who studied that period of time, what was he like as Governor? Was he the same as he is as the president?

Specifically, what I want to know is:

  1. Did he take the “It’s my way or the highway” approach to governing?
  2. Did he not tolerate decent?
  3. Did he surround himself with cronies and yes men?
  4. Was he defensive and unapologetic of his decisions that turned out bad?

I can’t help you, but I remember something I read, I believ on Wiki. And that is that the Texas governor is in large part just a figurehead. It’s true that the Texas legislature only meets for 6 months every 2 years, so in a four year term it seems to me the govenor would have things to do for just a single year. Is this true?

The legislature has most of the power, but it doesn’t meet very often.

The Governor’s job is mostly attending barbecues and cutting the red ribbon to open new shopping malls. It is the second least powerful gubernatorial job in the country, tho I forget which state’s is weaker. We mostly elect Governors based on Good Ol’ Boy persona, who’s a mightier kegstander, and for winning grin. That’s semi-serious, but there’s no other reason an insufferable douche like Rick Perry would be elected as many times as he has been --he’s the GLG (Good Lookin’ Guvnarr).

George Bush really didn’t do a whole lot as governor. He couldn’t have, even if he did, because the job is so weak, but even if it wasn’t he didn’t anyway. I mean, he didn’t bother us no mind, which I reckon’s alright, on account’a that’s mostly all’s we want in a Texas Governor, seeing how the current constitution’s set up after a vicious mob stormed the Capitol (with ladders, guards blocked the ground floor so they had to climb through the windows), snatched the carpetbaggin’ Gov. Davis and railroaded him out of town and ended Reconstruction in the same day. After that, all they wanted in a state government was one that write legislation congratulation high school football teams and declaring holidays after Jesus.

So now I’m wondering, if he was largely a figure head with not much to do, did that mean that there wasn’t much to base on how he would be as President?


It came down to 5-4, didn’t it?

:confused: What did?

I’ve heard a lot of criticisms of Bush, but indecent is not one of them.

(Psst! You probably meant “dissent.”)


The joke was not on topic, but the poster was commenting on of the Supreme Court rulings that ended the 2000 election(which went to Bush in the end).

I think the question being responded to actually was asking if there was adequate evidence during his time as Governor to indicate what kind of President he would be.