Bush has it so far 185-182

Bush is beating Gore as of yet,
Bush 185 Gore 182

I’ll keep you guys updated to the best of my ability

MSNBC has Gore 183 to Bush 174.

Well CNN has 185 182 Bush!

Nader’s getting 6% in Massachusetts, only 2% overall.


Gore- 193
Bush- 185

For the love of all that is holy!!! I have never been this stressed!

This is so fun!

God bless America!!!

Bush 185
Gore 192
(I’m posting for CNN reports)

on abc, the usa looks like it is bleeding. all that red, eek. they have gore at 193, bush at 185. believe it or not people are still voting in the 'burbs around philly. oy.

George W. Bush (REP) 185
Albert Gore (DEM) 198
Nader’s at 2 percent, Buchanan at 0.4

abc just threw new mexico to gore…198.

Above from [url=“http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/politics/2000vote/general/president.html”]this site[/ur].

193 gore 185 Bush msnbc

Preview is my friend. Preview is my friend.

THIS site.

Bush 185
Gore 167

According to ABCnews (iampunha’s cite), it’s Gore: 198 to Bush: 196. According to MSNBC.com, it’s Gore:198 to Bush: 195. In either case, Bush has most of the popular vote…interesting, yes?

Bush 197
Gore 167

Oops…according to MSNBC it’s Gore:198 to Bush: 185

And ABCnews now shows Bush: 212 , Gore: 173 (?? He lost electoral votes?)

These are just projected… mind you as the polls are going so far :slight_smile:

Bush 212 Gore 167

So, where does everyone think CA will go? I’m betting Gore, in a close race. I think it’s interesting he lost TN.

AAAHH!!! I’m so stressed. CNN took Florida away from Gore and put it back on “undecided”

I’ve never been this nervous about an election. I’m terrified. Oh please for the love of all that’s good in this world… don’t let the shrub win!