Bush II to Not Attend RNC


This was to be expected, although I wish President Bush would at least comment more on current events. He seems to be almost in exile, not retirement.

I wonder why that might be.

Somebody should get a few drinks in him and talk him into crashing the party. “Dude, you were president. What are they going to do? Have some goons to frog-march you out?” Whatever happened would be entertaining.

He was invited in the first place. :rolleyes:

Of course he was, and he can protest that to the goons as they escort him out. “What we have here, Mr. President, is failure to communicate.”

He didn’t seem to pay a great deal of attention to current events when it was his job, why start now?

Unlike Carter, he believes in the tradition of former presidents bowing out gracefully and largely remaining silent. When former presidents do regain the limelight, it’s usually to do with some sort of charity work or personal events, such as when Bush 41 went skydiving.

We’ll almost certainly see Bush 43 become somewhat more visible as time goes on. That’s the usual cycle.

Looking back through history, it’s almost as if a president requires a multi-year decompression period after leaving office before he is willing or able to really do much of anything.

Yabbut, they deliberately scheduled it for the same week as his kids’ talent show.* Even a dweeb like him is going to be able to read between the lines when its that blatant.

*The RNC Presents: An Intimate Evening of Music and Laughter With Laura and Jenna at the Richard M Nixon Library and Brithplace

While he may have been invited to the convention, I think he understood as well as anyone that they probably don’t want him there. McCain didn’t want to be associated with him and neither does Romney. Neither will the next candidate. I suspect he’ll become a little more public as time goes on, but politically, “exile” is the least of what he deserves.

he seems just plain out not interested in things. not the curious type, as far as i could/can see.

Nevertheless, as the linked story notes, “Most modern presidents have attended their party’s first convention after leaving office, including Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Mr. Bush’s father, George Bush. (The elder Mr. Bush, 88, who has a form of Parkinson’s disease, also will not attend either this year.) Exceptions: Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon.”

To be fair, LBJ had a pretty good excuse.

Because, iirc, he said he was content to keep a low profile once he left office.

Edit: Ah, I see someone else explained it already.

How nice for him that he gets to assert a noble motive for doing what he’d pretty much have to do anyway. :rolleyes:

In other news, Jerry Sandusky will not be attending this years Penn State alumni dinner. Scheduling conflicts.

Nope, wrong again. He just knows people are disgusted with him and stays out of the public in shame and at the insistence of all the other R’s that would like to keep their jobs or get one.

Well, just start with the significance of a bunch of Democratic governors and representatives not showing up at their convention, and extrapolate upwards from there.

Shame? I don’t think GWB is capable of shame.

I have to agree, I don’t think a guy who can stand before a, ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner, when it’s clear he hasn’t accomplished anything, doesn’t really know the meaning of shame.

It’s not shame, on his part, that’s keeping him away.

American’s are ashamed of his presidency and the RNC, who dare not even speak his name, know it better than anyone.

Didn’t I read or see somewhere that Palin was actually NOT invited?