Bush losing support

I apologize if this is repetitive, but:

Latest polls indicate that Bush’s support continues to slide, not only on foreign policy, but also on the economy. It appears that Americans are finally waking up.


But thankfully there’s a fix:



Rants belong in the Pit. If you wish to attempt drawing some valid conclusion from your data, then proceed. But “waking up” is ignorantio elenchi.

I refer you to this other recent thread.

That’s a rant? Did a Mod delete a post?

One secret of Bush’s success in better timing than his adversaries, IMHO. Guess what, liberals? There isn’t an election pending. :smack: Bush can afford to let the left attack him now. But, come 2004, when it counts, you will see Bush start to run. By that time, some of the attacks of 2003 will look stupid and embarassing. They will work against the attackers.

So, enjoy your bit of Bush lull while you have it. And, I will enjoy four more years of effective Republican leadership. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, december, the article has nothing to do with Bush’s “attackers.”

It has to do with erosion of his popular support.

Although Bush will surely try to boost his support once again by relying on military action, I am hopeful that he will fail this time around.

The planned invasion of Iraq is becoming less popular every day.

Yes, if the mid-term elections showed us anything it’s that Bush should be entirely disregarded as an effective leader when it comes to rallying the public. :rolleyes:

The conservatives were making fun of liberals on this board back during the election about the obvious mistake the Dems have made in underestimating Bush. If anything, as more time has passed this phenomenon has become more noticable. Yep, just keep thinking happy thoughts while the Republicans take over the country. :smiley:

Oh, in my second point there I meant the presidential election, not the recent mid-terms.

OK, but this thread includes comments from Bush attackers.

True. However what will happen after we win a war with Iraq? What will happen when it is verified that Saddam did have huge stores of chemical and biological weapons, rockets to deliver them, and a nuclear program? Bush will be vindicated. War opponents will look like jerks.

BTW, when evaluating an invasion’s popularity, bear in mind that Bush has not yet formally said he wants war (although I think he does.) When he makes a speech laying out a case and saying that war in finally the only alternative, he will get massive support from the American people. Bush is skilled at timing.

His father had massive support in the foreign policy arena as well, and he was sent packing when people looked in theri wallets and saw cobwebs. A foreign policy success does not a president make.

While I agree that Bush is smarter and a better politician than Democrats give him credit for, it would be folly to assume that waning support isn’t a problem. The Republicans won the midterm elections while Bush has extremely high popularity. If his popularity is declining - uh, well, that’s the biggest bullet in his gun, isn’t it?

You have to give Bush credit for his powers of persuasion in government, but his ability to persuade the PUBLIC is not super-amazing by any means. His election to governor of Texas was part of a Republican sweep across the nation. He just barely won the White House, and the only really big spike upwards in his popularity since then was obviously a direct result of 9/11. Support for a war on Iraq is not increasing. Where’s the evidence Bush is all that good at rallying the public? One midterm election doesn’t convince me he’s invincible in 2004; I believe a decent candidate can kick his ass if he doesn’t start showing some leadership on the economy.

Remember, they were saying EXACTLY the same things about H-Bush. As late in his term as late 1991, the notion of the Democrats winning the White House in 1992 was commonly held as a joke; talk show hosts routinely used it as a gag. Letterman had a “top Ten Ways Bush Could Lose the Next Election” list; one of the items was “Kill was a man with his bare hands on live TV,” and other similarly ridiculous things. Bush #1 appeared utterly guaranteed of re-election. And how did that work out for him? Things can change reeeeal fast.

Bush’s “ability to persuade” the American people consists in his ability to construct simplistic rhetoric designed to invoke fear and paranoia in the public – the best example being the ridiculous “Axis of Evil” crap – a tactic that has been around as long as politics has existed. No doubt 9/11 was a godsend for Bush, and he’s trying to keep the paranoid fantasy alive with Iraq, again, always appealing to the lowest common denominator, i.e., fear. Meanwhile, the economy continues to deteriorate, and most Americans see Bush’s “tax cut” for what it is, namely, a humungous gift to those who need it the least.

We will see whether Bush has, in the long run, overestimated the stupidity of the American public.

What really should concern the Republicans is this little stat:

Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling the economy.
53% disapprove
43% approve

These numbers should be scaring the pants off the Bush administration. Folks vote by their pocketbooks, when their cash is secure they worry about things like honesty, and honor. When folks are cash strapped they vote for the guy with the better economic plan. Bush should have learned this from his father.

Bush’s economic plan does not in any way, shape, or form help the average American, and he needs to recognize that. If the economy happens to up-turn by the time the Presidential elections roll around, then he might have a chance, if not, the guy is toast.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. - P.T. Barnum

Amen, December, amen.

Yes december, but Bush may be misunderestimating the intelligence of the American people. Only time, and the next election, will tell for sure.

:slight_smile: Good one!

Oh, you mean Bush’s lack of fear in choosing to call evil by its rightful name? His willingness to paint a clear moral picture, rather than clouding the picture with a bunch of wishy-washy moral relativism? His subscription to the very Reagan-esque philosophy the sometimes there are simple solutions, even if we don’t necessarily like them? Yeah, that does appear to work pretty well.

I’d say Bush’s numbers are pretty good, considering the state of the economy. I won’t start worrying until we get closer to an election. If the economy is still sluggish then, and Bush waffled on the war, then it’ll be time to worry. Of course, the dems will probably nominate an ultra-leftist as their weapon of choice against Bush, and then my worries will fade. Nothing is sweeter than incompetency in the opposition. :smiley:

Depends upon whether or not the Supreme Court selects them as the winner.