Bush "Miss Me Yet?" Billboard

Pic here.

So, do you miss him yet?

I picked option three because you did specify his “presidency”. I do sort of miss him in comparison to Palin, however.

There’s a bunch of CafePress stuff with this thing on it but what amused me was a coffee mug or whatever with Cheney on it and the “Miss me yet?” slogan.

Miss Cheney? Heck, even if I liked him I couldn’t miss him. He’s on Fox like 24/7 grousing about something and the only times he’s not, it’s because he’s on one of the Sunday morning shows. Cheney’s like the guy who gets fired from his fast food job but keeps hangin’ around the burger joint just because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go and doesn’t know anyone else.

“So, what time you guys get off work? Wanna hang out afterward?”

I miss the undisclosed location.

Fuck No.
Not sure.
Why no fuck yes option? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have preferred “Oh Holy Fuck Hell No!” but you have to take the closest option.

Not only do I not miss Bush, I don’t even think about him that often. He’s kind of like the Spice Girls that way.

Urk. No.

Not at all.

This is the first time Bush has ever made me laugh.

I have to admit that now that he isn’t our President anymore; I’m kind of warming up to the guy. In a William Shatner kind of way. A guy who is so grating you can’t help but like him.

I think the option, should anyone want it (which seems darned unlikely in this crowd), would be “hell yes.”

Bill Maher said last night that the only person who ever missed Bush was that guy who threw his shoe at him.

I agree, when he wasn’t running the country into the ground he was sort of an amusingly awkward little guy (actually, googling, he’s apparently 5’11’’, but he always seems shorter on TV. maybe he needed to find a better tailor?). Especially toward the end of his last term when he was obviously just running down the clock.

Because the choices I provided seemed sufficient. Based on the responses, I really should have put something out past “Fuck, no!” like “I’d rather be waterboarded than see his smirky face ever again!”

Actually, I think he’s doing a pretty good job of being an ex-president. He’s out of the spotlight, not running around and critiquing Obama negatively every five minutes, and the only time you see or hear him is when he’s raising money for Haitian orphans.

Missing Bush because of Obama would be like missing somebody jackhammering my balls a year ago because of a little nut-itchiness today.

Will never miss him. Ever. Ever ever. Forget him? Impossible: Dickhead Cheney reminds us every day how truly awful those people were and still are, and a glance at the paper reminds us that we are still paying the price for eight years of gross malfeasance.