Bush on evolution: "the verdict is still out"

You have GOT to be kidding me! Here is what he said:

“I think that, for example, on the issue of evolution, the verdict is still out on how God created the earth,”

How could anyone other than the religious right vote for this guy if he doesn’t seem to believe in evolution? More proof that this guy is an idiot (as if his belief that there is no such thing as global warming wasn’t enough). Oh and this was from the New York Times, so I think that it’s a pretty reliable source. Here is the story (you need to register for free to get it).


Surprisingly enough, my opinion of George W. Bush just went down, something I heretofore thought impossible. I already thought he was an idiot, but I didn’t know it was this bad.

Yes, clearly we should all base our votes on sound bites and personal religious beleifs.

So does this change anyone’s vote? I mean what is next? Will he stop chemotherapy treatments in favor of bleeding the patients?

I forgot to put “cancer” before “patients”

Scylla, don’t you think that perhaps a major party candidate running for President of the United States, with a major campaign plank regarding education, should maybe not confuse the origin of the planet with the development of life thereon, and know something about the scientific status of evolutionary theory?

Scylla, haven’t you perhaps heard the word “education” bandied about recently? Now if Bush is just trying to stay on the fence so as to keep votes on both sides of the CvE debate, then I can understand it, though not necessarily approve. On the other hand, if he really thinks that evolution is doubtful, then he is IMO an even bigger idiot than I previously thought him.


from the aricle:

I don’t think it’s possible to read into that what you and Ptahlis imply. The article states several times that Bush is moderate in his beliefs, and that last quote seems to pretty clearly indicate that Bush knows the difference between religious belief and science.

It’s not like politicians today actually believe in the separation of church of state (and Gore/Leiberman seems to be no better about that than Bush).

Until church and state is really seperate, then I would say personal religious beliefs do have bearing.

Scylla this is also from the article:

Not very moderate there. So maybe it’s not so much that his opinions/views have changed, but that he knows he can’t be as straight forward about what he thinks. That’s what he does in the first quote I posted. In a roundabout way he is saying that “there is no proof of evolution.”


How is that any different from saying only members of the Elk Lodge can be members of the Elk Lodge?

Wh is that a problem?

Guys, you’re really reaching for straws now. Every Presidential candidate panders to the religious vote. Gore does, Bush does, Clinton did, Reagan did… I just saw Clinton addressing the congregation in a black church.

When asked about their person religious beliefs, not a single candidate that I can recall has ever claimed to be agnostic or athiest, or even disinterested. They all claim to be good, god-fearin’, church-goin’ faithful.

Other than for political purposes, would anyone like to hazard a guess as to when the last time Clinton stepped foot in a church for the purpose of worshipping God (as opposed to a wedding or a funeral)? My guess is never. Yet he claims to be ‘deeply religious’.

Bush is just doing what every candidate does. BTW, what do you suppose Joe Lieberman thinks about evolution?

Really Scylla? You don’t think it would be valid to take that quote to mean: “While I know God created the universe, I just ain’t too sure about all that evolution stuff.”

I don’t believe he meant that the evolutionists haven’t made their case, but opened the door to combine the two as some creation/evolutionists have offered as a compromise between “Truth” and “Faith”. Do you really think that everyone in this country/world accepts the theory of evolution?

I could, with sufficient government funding and “scientists” and archealogical studies provide irrevocable evidence that we all flew here from an alien nation. I can, by compiling hundreds of papers by “scientists” disprove the theory of evolution. But, I don’t have government funding or “scientists” on my payroll, so please accept that there are ALOT of people who do not believe in the theory of evolution.

Yeah, well it’s a pretty damn good theory. There have been skeletons of cromagnon man found. We are no longer like that, so we have evolved from them. That would qualify as evolution. Is there any proof that cromagnon man or neanderthals didn’t exist? If there is then how do they explain the skeletons.

The thing with Lieberman is that he hasn’t said anything. The stupid thing about Bush is that he would actually say it.

Al Gore on the same subject

So Bush is an idiot and Gore is physiologically incapable of giving a straigh answer to a question.

I can’t say that I’ve learned anything new today.

Where did it go??? We’ve got a verdict AWOL!!!

Or maybe he meant the jury? :wink:

I don’t think you get it… Bush claims himself to be the great compromiser so he is offering a compromise to both sides of the argument.

And not to turn this into a creation v. evolution debate because I don’t believe that was your initial intent, I could just as easily cite 100s of extinct species, whose skeletal remains can be found and they lend no evidence whatsoever to evolution. Perhaps the cromagnon man was simply another version of ape that went extinct during the ice age…errr flood. I could also argue that the “scientists” in an effort to prove their theory made a paper mache (sp) skeleton and put it behind a glass in the Smithsonian and told you how old it was based upon methods that they made up to age things. (I went there didn’t I?)

No I don’t think you can interpret it that way, fairly.


Yeah, but what part of “I don’t use the Bible as necessarily a way to predict the findings of science” didn’t y’all get? That is a fairly bold stand for a born again person.

Isn’t or Orthodox Jewish friend, Lieberman, an unbeliever of evolution?