Bush Press Conference: I couldn't take it anymore...

and as I’m sure you guys know, I’m a junkie when it comes to politics. But the embarassment was too much.
I’ve never actually been embarassed for the President of the United States, in the sense of knowing to a dead certainty that the man behind the podium was an empty suit and was showing it, but tonight, for the first time in my life, I can say that I have attained this state. I turned it off, out of pure embarassment - I couldn’t even look at the screen anymore out of shame - when he stopped in the middle of speaking to mutter “what was the rest of the question? Oil revenues - oh yes, oil revenues…” and continued rambling on.
For the first time in my life, I turned off a President’s news conference (State of the Union speech, Inaugural speech, etc.) in the middle.
I don’t even know what to say anymore. Please make it stop. Please.

We will. Come November.

How come that is embarassing?

Am I losing my mind, or did he refer to both Rumsfeld and Powell as Secretary of State?

Powell is the SoS… Rumsfeld’s the Secretary of Defense, or so I thought up until today. But now I’m just confused.

Yes. I heard that as well. My theory is that he isn’t stupid at all and that all of this is some crafty deliberate cognitive dissonance that we are being subjected to.

It’s like seeing someone that has pissed himself and doesn’t know it. You have to look away at some point.

I didn’t even bother.

As important as the whole Iraq issue is to me, what with my husband in the Air National Guard, two of his cousins in the military (one in the Army Reserve and the other in the active Marine Corps), and my brother in the inactive Army Reserve, I just can’t stomach the thought of this asshole strapping on the Jeff Stryker model (in the ever-popular Stars and Stripes motif) and waving it in the faces of countries that used to be our friends. When the lives of people I love and care about are on the line, it gets personal.



I hate Bush. I think he is stupid and I want Kerry to win in November. I couldn’t possible be more anti-bush.

Despite the fact that I see through all of his bullshit, I do believe that he is doing a damn good job. I have drunk a little bit tonight (therefore putting myself on the level of the average apolitcal[I live in Europe]), so I find his speech not as disgusting as I have before. Sure I KNOW its all just spin, but I think he’s doing it very well. Unfortunately I predict that his poll numbers will go up after this speech. I’ll put it down here, and he is doing damn well in obfuscating up to this point. Sorry, but its true. He mixes Iraq with the war on terror quite well.

oooh, I just caught this one: “I don’t plan on losing my job”

That’s a little confrontational, but not quite so bad. Don’t get me wrong, but I think he’s done well. He hasn’t stuttered at all and is actually astoundingly quite presedential. Its not good for democrats like me, but I am a little scared. I hope he isn’t always so eloquent in the future.

Am I mistaken or at one point did Bush say he was disappointed in some of the troops?

Merkwurdigliebe, I don’t know, the way that he is rambling and wandering is freaking me out.

I couldn’t even bring myself to watch it all. More lies, misdirection, whatever.

I have absolutely no faith in Bush and intensely dislike Rumsfeld as well.

I plan to do my part to “make it stop” come November. Oh yessiree!

Well first of all, he gave evasive non-answers to the questions about why he lied about Iraq being an imminent threat. His series of answers to that included “Iraq was a gathering threat because Saddam had used WMD’s on his own people and he was um…a threat to the US.” He never bothered to explain how Iraq was a threat to the US and he never came close to addressing why he was wrong in his pre-war assertions about WMDs.

He had also been asked about his pre-war assertions that Iraq’s oil revenues would pay for the invasion. His massive expenditures on this unnecessary war are a huge problem for the US, he was wrong about Iraq’s ability to pay for it with oil revenues and he doesn’t seem to understand why that’s a significant question.

Did anyone hear that fucking strawman about how people who oppose invading other countries and installing puppet governments don’t believe that “Muslims with brown skin can be self governing?” Can you believe it? The fucker threw the race card at us. What a fucking scumbag, man.

Even as I write he keeps spewing more and more bullshit. Right now he’s outright stumping. I haven’t learned a single thing that I didn’t already know.

Nope. I heard that as well. I am really looking forward to the transcript being available. As I stated before: Cognitive Dissonance.

:eek: :mad:

If that’s true, he’s got a HELL of a lot of nerve. I don’t see any of his precious family in Iraq! Commander in Chief my ass. He should be backing those boys and girls to the hilt!

I can’t stand Shrub anymore either… so I just didn’t watch. And feel much better for it.
One word on Bush… “nucular.” :rolleyes:

Could you imagine if Kerry said that? The Republicans would tear him apart.

You mean you didn’t hear me yelling ‘WHAT THE FUCK!!!’ from there, I thought I was pretty loud.

What was going on with his tie? Doesn’t he have wardrobe people who know what kind of tie to wear on television?

I was only half listening, but I thought he was referring to some of the Iraqi troops who refused to fight during the latest “unpleasantness”. I don’t recall hearing him say he was disappointed with American troops.

Jesus fucking Christ…

I don’t see why you lefties are so freaked out about Karl Rove.

Bush gives a speech that hits on all the talking points and gives the impression of a decisive leader, then disintegrates into a rambling, incoherent, mishmosh of deep fried indecipherable shit. Whose idea was it to have Bush spend an hour sweating, grimacing, stammering, stuttering, weaseling, and equivocating?

Fucking painful performance. I just sat there, staring, incredulous. Wow.

Fuck it. I’ve been getting snookered since about 8:42 pm this evening. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Because I’m a working stiff, I’ve now switched to wine, and I’m currently on my third glass of a lovely Shiraz, which is the only saving grace of this lamentable evening. I’m expecting the third not to be the last, even though I’ve got to get up at 6 a.m.