Bush’s anti-Kerry ad I’ve seen on TV. Troubling.

  1. I’m troubled by the war in Iraq.
  2. I’m troubled by the sense I get that nobody planned for anything other than roses strewn at the feet of our conquering soldiers.
  3. I’m troubled by the way the museums were trashed.
  4. I’m troubled by the aircraft carrier landing where President Bush said we’d won the war.
  5. I’m troubled by the way we got into the war—when Colin Powel testified in front of the UN and all but guaranteed that we were all in immediate peril.
  6. I’m troubled by the treatment of Iraqi prisoners.
  7. I’m troubled by the embedded media, and all that this system edits from our national discourse.
  8. I’m troubled by the fact that President Bush couldn’t stand on his own two feet in front of the 911 commission.
  9. I’m troubled by the way the Enron affair has been submerged, and will be eventually forgotten.
  10. Ditto with Worldcom.
  11. Ditto with Haliburton.
  12. I’m troubled that President Bush’s service record is riddled with holes.
  13. I’m troubled that the war on terror has led to a war on privacy.
  14. I’m troubled that many Americans believe that there is a direct link between 911, and Iraq. Where did they get this idea?
  15. I’m troubled that Saddam became the focus of the war on terror rather than Bin Laden, the man who plotted and funded the 911 attacks.
  16. I’m troubled that our standing in the world has been irreparably damaged by our actions in Iraq.
  17. I’m troubled by the fact that we spend our children’s future in misbegotten foreign wars.
  18. I’m troubled by more than this list, but I was originally troubled by an ad that I found to be wimpy at best.
  19. Are you troubled?

Got a transcript, or a description, of this ad? Not all of us live in contested states.

I think mailman is referring to this ad:

I agree wholeheartedly with the OP.


I suspect that they are running this ad in Missouri to counter people’s lingering resentment there from some of the weapons systems cuts Cheney made. I was in St. Louis during part of the 2000 campaign, and when Cheney came to town, people grilled him about the decisions he made that cost a lot of people there their jobs. McDonnell Douglas is a big employer there.

Fine post, mailman. I could not agree more.

Basically, here’s your headline: Rove just spent 60 MILLION dollars all to see Bush slip slightly in the polls. Kerry has only now begun to spend, and his war chest is still growing. No matter what they say about Kerry, even going to the extent of pretty much lying about him straight out, they haven’t been able to make a dent so far.

Could you be more specific? Which of the many Haliburton scandals troubles you? So far we have overcharging the military for oil, overcharging for food and other supplies, offering bribes in Nigeria and other countries, getting contracts without competition in violation of a promise from Shrub, and lingering charges of insider trading and other abuses from back when Cheney ran the company.

I echo Apo. The ad is great news. Because its all they got.

American’s are geared to suspicion of advertising, most especially political advertising. Now, of course, those persons already beyond persuasion and solidly Bushivik will nod thier heads, mutter “yep, that’s Kerry all right, always undermining our brave heroes”. But they are pretty much lost anyway, you can’t argue someone out of a position they didn’t think their way into in the first place.

But the thoughtful undecided wouldn’t need more than five minutes to investigate the claims made in the ads and see that they are just so much Bushwah. The Pubbies lose when they try to bring facts into the picture, the facts just aren’t. They score when they make vague innuendos, like portraying Kerry as “waffling”, but that’s par for the course.

But if this is all they got, bring it on! I just hope they don’t catch on about Kerry’s plan for a Constitutional Amendment forcing Eagle Scouts into gay marriages. Don’t anybody tell Sam, OK? Our little secret…

Darn… link not working ! I wanna see the BS (Bush Shit)

Hmm, it seems to still work for me. In any case, here is another place to find it:


The site has a script of the ad, among other things.


Wow, 10 plus posts and no “Liberal Circle Jerk” comment yet. Color me impressed.

Sam Stone must be at lunch.:wink:


Just wait for it. . .


This bites. I live in Texas, and Kerry hasn’t even begun airing anything here yet. Neither has Bush, since he pretty much assumes he doesn’t need to.

Then again, this may be a good thing.

Considering all the other things George W. Bush has lied about, why would anyone believe he’s telling the truth about John Kerry?

Hold that thought, grasshopper. Here in the People’s Republic of Minnesota, the goddam thing is on more than dick-stiffener commercials. Which is to say, way, way too often.

I second that. Here in Missouri, it’s the same story.

The next 6 months are going to feel like a whole year… at least!


Both of them?

Seems they’re rather outnumbered by the thought-free undecided.

Damned if I know, but there must be a lot who still do. Many are on this board and GW’s approval rating hasn’t fallen to near zero where it belongs based on the performance so far. At least that would be my score.

I’m afraid that GW has a good chance to be reelected and that will add another couple of generations to the time needed to dig the US out of his self-created hole.

I believe that more than 50% of people still think that the preemptive war that he began was justified even though every stated justification was crap, other than their statement that Saddam was a brutal dictator.

For many that justification was enough and the lies, half-truths, and distortions were justified because that was the only way to get support to remove him.

In other words the ends justify the means. On that basis there is nothing whatever that can’t be justified if the ends are thought to be ‘good.’ See the history of the long, long fight against witchcraft for a real world example.

I appreciate the help with the links [LilShieste, Rashak Mani].

It’s good to hear that some parts of the country are, so far, untroubled by this ad.