Bush says nobody needs to be accountable

From MSNBC. Bush says that:

In other words, ‘As Commander-In-Chief, I am not accountable for anything I may have done wrong because I was elected Commander-In-Chief.’


Sounds pretty consistent with the rest of his policies. The only difference is that he bothered to offer a reason why he should not be held accountable, beyond “I just do what god tells me to do”.

Well, ‘no one is responsible’ can be seen as a step up from ‘it’s all Bill Clinton’s fault.’

Hubris. Utter hubris.

The sort of shit that causes empires to crumble.

Hmmm sounds like the 21st century version of
"L’etat ? C’est moi."

That’s the whole point.

IMHO Bush wants to be the last president.

Republicans are going to look back at all this someday and not even recognize themselves or how they could possibly have supported this.

“The buck stops here.” - Harry S Truman

“Buck, buck, buck? There is no buck.” - George W. Bush

Since one of the usual linguini-brains will soon pop in to defend Septum-Sieve and the Shunts, lets make the outrage perfectly clear (from Post story linked in OP):

This would be downright humorous, if it weren’t for all the dead folks.

The rest of that article was quite a doozy too!

Let’s see. So the Administration

  • hasn’t delivered on its optimistic statements about bringing speedy peace and democracy to Iraq,
  • has disappointed expectations about being able to reduce troop strength in occupied Iraq even 2.5 years after the initial invasion,
  • has apparently turned Iraq into a terrorist training ground instead of the promised beacon of democracy,
  • has failed to apprehend the terrorist responsible for 9/11 (“because he’s hiding”—gosh, really? How unscrupulous of him! If only he would just play fair and stop hiding I’m sure we’d have him picked up in no time! For pity’s sake, I generally try not to play along with silly “Bush is a moron” rhetoric, but he’s simply asking for it with dumb remarks like this),
  • has increased foreign hostility toward the United States,
  • and has even dropped the pose of urgency on a constitutional gay marriage ban that they were pushing to their religious-conservative base during the campaign—

—but there’s no need to hold anybody accountable for anything, because the “accountability moment” is over.

Do even the most ardent Bush supporters really espouse the idea that as long as he got their vote, he gets a complete pass on everything he did?

And then saith Jesus unto Him: Yea, verily, the votes of the righteous hath given you complete forgiveness of sins.

It is funny that if his Christian beliefs are correct, he’ll have quite another “accountability moment” besides the election.

You’ll be singing a different tune one February 1, when peace breaks out, and happy dancing Iraqi’s shower our troops with garlands of flowers, in gratitude for their newborn democracy. Have a little FAITH man! :wink:

I have faith that the garlands of flowers will disguise nasty things that go boom.

:smack: sigh

Now, I really am trying to be optimistic about this administration. I didn’t vote for him. I dislike many of the things that he has done as President. His lil group of flunkies seems to be entirely clueless, but I thought “Maybe things won’t be so bad.”

Then he made his statement aout how he earned “political capital” when he won re-election. Then, when asked about low approval ratings at home and abroad, he basically said that it didn’t matter because he won the election. Now this… :dubious:

I don’t want to say that he should be trying to pander to those that didn’t vote for him, but when 49% of the country doesn’t vote for you, you may want to take a look at your decisions.

And simply to cut off this remark before somebody else posts it. I know he thought he had a mandate after he “lost/won” the y2k election, so to him 51% must’ve been a landslide.

So back in 2000, GW was ‘appointed, not elected’ or whatever, and now he is ‘elected, but not elected enough’? Curious line of thinking you guys have.

I thought the quote was

“Buck and buck! What is buck?” - George W. Bush

Dear 49%

Feel not alone, for the rest of the world looks on, and weeps. Except for the ones that are strapping explosives to their chests. I don’t think they’re weeping.

Just don’t accept any hugs from non-weeping foreigners, ok?

I don’t understand your logic here. The issue is that Bush justifies his bungles by saying that since he was elected, then that means anything he does is correct and proper. I don’t care if he won with 100% of the votes. He is the Commander-In-Chief, and that makes him responsible for his actions.