Bush to meet with families of Brit soldiers killed in Iraq.

Why the hell hasn’t he met with any of the families of our dead? Are our dead not as important to his cause?

Dude, just shut up. Please.

[url"http://www.wsbtv.com/news/2477505/detail.html"]Bush meets families of dead at Fort Stewart

Debunked in 20 seconds and one Google search. Is that a new record?

Bush meets families of dead at Fort Stewart

Fixed the link to make it easier for you to eat crow, Reeder.

Planned? Doesn’t say he did.

Don’t you think they would have let us know that he did?

Don’t you think a snub like that would have been reported had it happened?

With all the stuff you have to bitch about you sure do pick the stupid nitpicky fringe stuff to go after.

Another story about the same visit…


No mention of visiting families.

Well, technically you haven’t debunked him yet Airman. The article contains this sentence “After his speech, Bush planned to meet privately with families of the soldiers who died, Fort Stewart officials said.” But it doesn’t say that the president actually did meet with them. I’m sure that if you dig a little harder, you can come up with some verification that the planned meetings actually took place.

Maybe not so easy. A quick google (news) on Bush Meets With Familes turns up nothing. Over at google proper, the same search only turns up a few post 9/11 references.

Of course he didn’t. The fund raisers were much more important.
I have searched.

You didn’t search well enough, then.

So, how about that crow, eh?

Gotta say, AD has something of a point. GeeDubya already stands charged (rightly, IMHO) with a being a liar and a war-monger. Now you want to bust him for being un-sentimental? Seems a little like charging Jack the Ripper with being mean to his kitty-cat.

Here’s the morning press briefing for that day:

Bush stood up and gave a speech in front of some 20,000 people. No mention of any private meeting with anyone. I’m not yet satisfied that any such meeting took place.

There you go. I searched through whitehouse.gov and defenselink.mil, and couldn’t find anything more definitive than that he was scheduled to meet with family members. After getting burned on that “we never said Iraq was an imminent threat” thing, I’m sure you’ll excuse me for parsing stories concerning the president in the strictest literal sense.

Airman Doors: Reeder is not only around the bend, but is far down the road past it. I bet he pisses on every tree that’s shorter than he is because it would then be a bush.

Nor am I. It looks to me like the reporter to the “planned” and made it a did. If it had happened why was it not mentioned in the other stories as a “did”?

Well, he I still haven’t seen anything that proves the words “imminent threat” ever came from Bush’s mouth, but that’s just me nitpicking. I think we all knew what he meant.

In any event, reporters are very fond nowadays of going after Bush, and if he had reneged on meeting the families, I’m sure he would have been ripped end to end over it. That’s why I thought it was a safe assumpton in this case.

Reeder, my cite is just as reliable as yours.

Can’t you just accept for once that you’re wrong and walk away, before more people come in here to rip you up?

By the same token, ** Squink **, he’s only said he will meet families of dead servicemen in the UK - and at the prompting of UK journalists. Doesn’t mean he actually will, and personally, I think he’s taking a huge gamble by doing it:

*"Mr Keys said: "I haven’t had an invitation for an interview with Mr Bush, if I did I would literally walk from Wales to London to meet the man, look him in the eye and tell what I think of him.

“They didn’t die for a noble cause, they died for Bush’s political reasons, they were just sacrificial lambs.” "*

  • maybe he doesn’t quite grasp some of the cultural differences between the US and UK.

Him and his admin didn’t even grasp the cultural differences between the US and Iraq.