Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill


THOSE EMBRYOS WERE GOING TO BE THROWN AWAY ANYWAY! What the fuck does this accomplish other than to to hinder science!?!?!

At least the guy has finally thrown a veto.

Does it really surprise you? He’s spent five years mouthing off about how stem cell research is the Work of the Devil.


I guess he must really think it’s “killing babies” , but Christ on a pogp stick is this a stupid, stupid decision. There aren’t enough snowmen and snowwomen in the world to adopt the “snowflake babies”-- it just isn’t going to happen. And it’s a bad political move for the Republicans since this reasearch has very high support throughout the country-- something like 65-70% of the peopel support it.

As a libertarian leaning guy, I’m not all that thrilled about the feds being in the medical research business. But the fact is, they are. And if they are going to spend the money anyway, it might as welll be on something with tremendous potential, like embryonic stem cell reasearch.

Bad move, Bushie. Bad science and bad politics.

I thought that he was just against the Federal Government chipping in research funding. He’s OK with the concept, it’s already being done, just with private money. If you’d like, you can donate as much as you want to the cause, just won’t be seeing any tax money headed that way.

Or am I wrong?

I heard on NPR this morning, during the story about the doctor and nurses who euthanized a handful of critically ill patients during the runup to Hurricane Katrina, a prosecutor saying in reference to the murder charges being files against said doctor, “They made themselves God… They decided who would live and who would die.”

And then I chuckled when the next story was about Bush planning to veto the stem cell bill.

No, you’re right. I don’t think Bush is personally in favor of even private research being done, but he hasn’t proposed a ban on it. Only a ban on federal funding.


While I don’t have any opinions about what bills he should have vetoed rather than sign into law, I do believe that some such existed. Maybe now that he’s vetoed something, he will feel freer to veto other laws as well.

And Good for the other reason as well.

I don’t approve of stem cell research. I wouldn’t class it as the work of the devil, but I do think that stem cell research is an example of the ends being used to justify the means and I’m deeply uncomfortable with that. I understand that there are many people who see tremendous potential with respect to Stem Cell Research and many major nasty diseases. I am not at all sure that Stem Cell Research will ever live up to its hype.

So, it better that all those embyros just be flushed down the drain, instead of put to a useful, potentially life-saving purpose?

So let’s stop the research, so we never know.

It scores Bush points with the Religious Right. 10:1 says that was the sole motivation for this.

Have you been living under a rock these past few years? He didn’t veto anything before this because congress has passed legislation he wanted passed. He’s threatened 140 times to veto. He’s never had to, because they’ve always fallen in line. Duh.

Yeah, I’m not even sure that whole big thing Louis Pasteur came up with was all that, either. Let’s just give science up and go back to faith healing.

10:1 says you’re wrong. Why does he need to score any points-- he ain’t up for re-election. He’s against it, as are lots of people.

Fuck him. I call still hear Mr. I Love Life :rolleyes: cackling as Karla Fay Tucker begged him to spare hers. I also can’t help but think of the millions of uninsured Americans who have suffered shortened life spans from Bush’s anti-national health care stance.

I’m going through IVF as soon as I start my period. That should be very shortly. IVF is a hard and unpleasant procedure that most of us do not want to endure. If something good besides a baby can come from all the needles about to enter my abdomen and ass, I say hooray. An embryo is not a person.

Yes. Let’s go back to leeches. We know that technology works.

I’m sure the researchers in the countries which are encouraging embryonic stem cell research are going to find out.

I had this fantasy of going before the house and senate with my son and saying, “This is my son. He has Type I diabetes. He also is holding a pin. On the tip of that pin is a blastocyst.”

Fuck Bush. Fuck those in the congress who voted against this. Vote the shitstains out and we’ll do this again next year.

Are you aware that in this particular case that the fetuses that the stem cells would be harvested from will be created and destroyed anyway? I understand your position, but I don’t see how taking these cells from fetuses that are to be destroyed anyway is a crime.

I don’t know. Fortunately, I’m not in a position to need to make that choice.
I’m not real keen on the whole process which creates these embryos regardless of whether they get a chance to grow up into babies, get flushed down the drain, or put to some other use. I’m not sure I want InVitro Fertilization banned, but I’m pretty sure I’d decide that maybe I just wasn’t meant to have children before I employed it myself.

So be it. There exist things that I’m not sure that we are better off knowing.

No rock. In fact, I had the suspicion that Congress had always fallen in line before, but wasn’t sure enough of my facts to put it in my first post. In that case, Good. Congress stood up for their principles and didn’t give in to threats. It’s about time.

I’m not opposed to all medical research. I’m just opposed to research which seems likely to do more harm than good. If large sums of money are thrown down a whole labeled “Embryonic Stem Cell Research” while more and more embryos are created just to be used for such research, and other types of medical research are neglected, and no positive results occur, more harm than good is being done. For less extreme scenarios, it is harder to determine when the point of more harm than good take place.

This, to me, smacks of “but everybody else is doing it.” Not a good enough reason for Federal funding for Stem Cell Research.

I don’t want to sound callous or flippant. I also don’t want to start a deeply emotional discussion involving my religious beliefs, or expounding on how embryos should be treated or anything. But it bugs me when threads become pile-ons without anyone taking the minority opinion. And so, I posted.

Yes, I am aware of that. It falls in my category of “two wrongs don’t make a right”. (See also my response to Miller. I never claimed to have all the answers–not all the right ones, or especially all the popular ones.