Bush vs. Evil

It appears that every time our president makes a statement on the terrorist acts of 9/11, and/or the war in Afghanistan, he makes absolutely certain to include a variation of the word “evil.” (somebody check all transcripts since 9/11–betcha I’m right)

I’m not disputing that the acts were evil, but I’m beginning to wish Bush would consult a thesaurus.

The cynical side of me is starting to re-emerge. I would hazard a guess that early on, a media consultant to the Bush administration proposed that the American public would lose interest in the fight against terrorism unless we are constantly reminded that it’s a fight of good vs. evil. And George is doing as he’s told.

I don’t know. What would you call the perpetrators? I can’t view them as human. Cockroaches comes to mind. But you’re right. GW isn’t acting alone. The advisors.

On a similar note he’s got to drop the “No better friend to the United States than…” Routine he’s been using with visiting world leaders. So far as I know He has used that for Mexico, Britain, Germany and Canada. There may have been more and I’m certain that there will be. Though many are impressed with his speeches I’m finding them rudundent and lacking any variety. I know he’s reiterating a point but can’t he do it with some variety.
Just my 2 cents.

I’m not disputing that they are evil–it’s just that I can’t shake the feeling that there’s post-it notes all over the White House, saying “be sure to use the word ‘evil’ 3 times in every speech”.

Last night, GW called bin Laden “The Evil One”, which I thought was usually a title reserved for Satan.

Not to bad-mouth the president, but I agree about the overuse of “evil,” “evil-doers,” and “the evil one.”

President Bush can’t possibly have the time to write his own speeches, which leaves me wondering who on earth writes this stuff for him.

It gets a little embarrassing when the leader of the free world’s use of rhetoric rivals Saddam Hussein’s–which has always been good for a laugh.