BushCo outs our al-Qaeda infiltrator?! (Incompetent, malevolent, who gives a flip??)

We’d captured this Khan guy, who was the source of the 3-4 year old info that al-Qaeda was staking out certain financial buildings, and he was helping us track down his former comrades in arms.

Then apparently we let his name slip.



Is this the guy whose capture was trumpeted by the administration right around the time of the Democratic National Convention?

I’m seriously asking. I don’t know. I really don’t want to believe that the administration would throw away an intelligence asset of such incalculable value merely to score a few political points.

I really, REALLY don’t want to discover that my tinfoil hat’s CyniSeismograph is THAT accurate.

Please, someone, tell me I’m wrong?


It remains possible that this is nothing more than a perfectly ordinary fuck-up. Of majestic proportions, to be sure.

Hope that helps. Best I can do.

I would like to know who the US “official” is and I hope he is looking for a job.

I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to take a number behind Valerie Plame. Starting investigations on the outing of our agents is strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

Looking for a JOB? I hope his wife’s shopping for a funeral home.

Nope, different guy. The guy whose capture was announced right before Kerry’s speech was:

The guy whose name the US government let slip last Sunday is Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan.

By all indications, placing operatives inside al-Qaeda isn’t something we have any skill at. So when we finally have a guy working for us on the inside, revealing his name to the world is a fuckup of massive proportions.

I agree with elucidator that this revelation could have originated from stupidity rather than the Bush Administration’s continual desire to make the most political hay out of everything they do, regardless of the consequences. But three questions for the Bush Administration:

Who revealed Khan’s name to the press?
Why aren’t you mad as hell about this leak?
Why hasn’t the leaker been fired?

I’ll bet the Administration doesn’t fire anyone over this, unless it gets the play in the US papers that it seems to be getting in Britain. PR is everything with these guys, and I think their play right now is, “Maybe nobody on this side of the Atlantic will notice that we’ve fucked up, big time.”

I posted a different article about this in this thread

The link that I posted there now links to a different article. You can tell because I posted the entire original article. To start with, the original article was titled (and subtitled):
**Pakistan: U.S. blew undercover operation **
Al-Qaida suspect was secretly cooperating with counterrorist sting

The one there now, as of this writing, is

Bush offers defense of terrorism alert
Also, Pakistan says U.S. blew an undercover operation

And people say the media is liberal. Ha!
One of the things mentioned in the MSNBC article not mentioned in the Reuters article was this tidbit. Thank goodness I quoted the whole article:

So, I wonder if the Mrs. was covert too, working to get information about the Taliban, who are almost certainly re-grouping and still helping Osama.

This administration is a disaster! How can anyone justify this kind of dangerous sloppiness? Where’s the outrage?

I only see liberals in this thread. Where are the conservatives?

Thanks, RTFirefly. I was genuinely hoping to be wrong. Truly, it would be easier to accept luci’s view that it’s merely (merely!) a fuckup. As colossally stupid and damaging as it is.

Now, not only have we lost a crucial operative, we’ve made Al Qaeda doubly alert for any other possible infiltrators. Way to go!

Too busy explaining how Kerry didn’t really deserve his medals in Vietnam.

Sandy Berger got a Blowjob!
Compromised the entire war on terror.
The man ought to be serving hard time.

I´m wondering about the safety of that mole and his relatives, I don´t think Al Qaeda will just write a letter of complaint on the strongest possible terms to the undercover agent.

Yes, but since Bush has been appointed by the Lord Jeebus Almighty to lead us into the final war against the unbelievers, it’s far more important for him to do anything possible to get re-elected than to protect our intelligence infrastructure. That’s why he had to blow our undercover operation against Al Qaida, and earlier our WMD monitoring program. The loss of those assets are trifles, since Jeebus il be descending with flaming sword to purge the earth of Islamists and homosinuals and evilutionists November 3rd.

Excuse me while I research Canada’s immigration policies and job market.

This thread makes me dizzy.

If only everyone could realize that this is not about Republican or Democrat, but about saving ourselves from a dangerously incompetent or malevolent leadership.

Unfortunately, it is easy to stir up partisan dischord, and our current leadership has intentionally divided the nation in the hopes that their side will ignore things like this in the name of unity.

And it is working.

The linked article says that the operative was outed by the New York Times, and that officials then confirmed it.

I mean, if the guy’s name was in the New York Times, there is little point in denying it. It doesn’t seem likely that terrorists with whom he was working would wait for a White House denial before killing him. So, my question is this: how would a denial or a no-comment have been any better?

I think the point is that by releasing the warning and saying it came from someone held secretly by Pakistan, they made it obvious enough whom the information had come from that the NYT was able to figure it out. People aren’t saying that confirming the name was the major error, more the icing on the cake. This may or may not be true of course; just clarifying what I thought the actual accusation was. You’re right, though, the confirmation would make no difference except to compound the original error.

Apparently, Condoleezza Rice was on Wolf Blitzer’s show today and he asked her about this. The transcript for the show isn’t yet up - does anyone know what she said?

Apparently, Rice acknowledged that the administration gave the name to the press “on background.” From http://www.washingtonmonthly.com

Don’t forget the “one of a handful of senior officials” who spilled the “extremely sensitive”, “highly classified” national security information “that could get people [Americans for those in Rio Linda] killed” to a “nefarious figure from the dark side of the [Iranian] regime - an individual with a direct hand in covert operations directed against the United States”?

There’s an ongoing investigation into this high crime. If Iran were officially an enemy, then it’d have the potential to qualify as genuine treason (opposed to the make-believe Coulter type).

Too bad the fellow who did this doesn’t just come forth honorably and save us some tax dollars. I just made a funny. A national politican doing something against his personal interests forthe sake of what’s right. Like that’s gonna happen.

I have a RL, you know.