Bush's nostalgia for the good old days at Yale.

Well, it’s only two days away from the election, and probably too late to really change any set in their ways voters, but here’s yet another piece of dirt on Bush to add to the procuring abortion/DUI/IQ pile.


Anyone? Anyone? Yale “went downhill since they admitted women?” Yup, sounds like the leader of the free world to me! :rolleyes:

Well of course it went downhill, since they were all so much smarter than Dubya!

A bit of trivia: I was a member of the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon as was George W. Bush. Other famous DEKES include Teddy Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, George Bush Sr., Dick Clark (heh!), Dan Quayle (zoiks!) and Mr. Doonesbury himself, Garry Trudeau, who must have been at the same house at Yale at the same time as Dubya.

If Trudeau is considered something of a black sheep at DKE these days, then so am I cuz I’m on his side, but looky here: http://dke.org/doonesbury.html

What??? Did I miss some delicious dish? What is this? Is this new? Please tell me it’s new, please tell me that he’s been exposed as the slimy fucking hypocrite I know he is…please please please…tell me he kept a honey on the side and right after he was elected governor he helped her get an abortion. PLEASE.

Because I really don’t wanna spend the next four years spitting at the tv every time his smug idiotic face appears actin “presidential” (shudder)


But there are some claimed witnesses.
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