Bush's poll numbers dropping: can't fool all of the people all the time

From a story about the hapless Dems finally catching on and running ads featuring Bush’s false Iraq nuke claim (and Pubbies attempts to pressure stations into not running them):


Just like your Dad, we can read your lips just fine. But I am sure that those tons of WMD’s will be found any day now.

Chuck Hagel continues to show independance from the approved spin control- how naughty:


And look out Apologistas- [Constanza] Bob Graham is getting angry! [/Constanza]:


Lest we forget, Graham is not just “a Democratic presidential candidate”. He’s the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and was its chairman at the time this was being discussed. If anyone outside the Administration would know, it’s him.

But you can fool some of the people all the time.

And I expect 2 of them to drop by at any moment. [pulls out his Apologista Buzz Word Bingo card and marker and awaits expectantly. . .]

So there was a poll of 1004 people. 47% for and 51% against, with an error margin of 3-6%.

So? How is that you KNOW that the error go’s against the 47% faction?

I’m just curious as I don’t have a bone to pick in the pro vs anti bush fight that seems to be nonstop around here.

Seems to me that with that margin of error it could be 50-50.

Only two? I can name a dozen SDMBBushApologistas off the top of my head.

Hey, I didn’t get a bingo card! Where are they?

It could be 50-50, but the main news is the drop. And it probably wont stop dropping for a while.


Settle down. I thought the same thing in 1994 after the Republican sweep. You are as doomed now as I was in the 90’s.

Hmm, so the margin of error goes all to one side? Seems more likely that it will match the overall results, statistically speaking. Heck, it could be 3-6% worse for Bush too. But I would have a hard time making that argument with a straight face.

Given the declining trend over the last couple of weeks (it was at 56%) the number seems right, and if anything I would wager the error rate may slightly favor Bush (i.e. too high). But, it is best to stick with the actual numbers the poll provides.

Besides, I can just wait 2 weeks and the number will be around 40% anyway.


I hope it drops through the floor.

Ditto that.

Ohmygawd! Did I say “ditto”? :eek:

I was listening to a report on these sorts of figures on some Public Radio show or other while I was driving home yesterday afternoon. What almost caused me to crash into a building though, was when someone made the statement that (paraphrased):

“this sort of issue is likely to undermine the president’s chief strengths, which have been his credibility and his ** skills at foreign policy**. . .”

What The Fuck???

Did I just get pulled into an alternate dimension? Am I somehow living 1984 - has the Ministry of Love has just made a revision to reality?

Though I don’t for a minute see it myself, I can. . . accept . . . that Bush has an aura of “credibility” with a fair number of people. But since when was Foreign Policy ever considered his strong suit?

I seem to remember that at least one bone of contention between the runners in the last election was that Gore had many, many times Bush’s experience in foreign policy - that Bush could only hope to rely on his cabinet and Dad’s experience.

Beyond that, the total shambles that he’s made of America’s reputation in the international community with his war would have destroyed any misconceptions.

But somehow, it’s only now that he’s being brought low from a throne of foreign-policy mastery?

Someone pinch me - this can’t be real!

OT nitpick:

I think that would be the Ministry of Truth. The Ministry of Love would help you out if you had trouble understanding the revision. The Ministry of Peace would be planning the next distraction.

Bush is a Republican, Republicans are of course better at Foreign Policy than Democrats, ergo one of Bush’s strengths is in Foreign Policy. Please ignore any evidence to the contrary.

No, those are Bush’s chief strengths. If you think otherwise try to name where he is stronger than those two things.

Bush’s new chief strength is comedy

I’d like to see that list, the “Usual Suspects” as coined by elucidator.

Following that, I’ll retort with the liberal list and we can get this all out of the way.

You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Fortunately a simple majority is not required.

Sorry, some jokes have to be made, whatever your politics

Say it with me now, folks:

How LOW can you GO!
How LOW can you GO!

All right, I wanna see his numbers playing the LIMBO, babeee!!!

:smack: DOH!!!
Of course - now it makes sense - I shoulda thought of that.

And thanks to TWDuke for the nitpick - I was sure I picked the wrong Ministry, but it was the first one that popped to mind. I’ve been wanting to reread that book for some time, but am too afraid that it’ll just freak me out. I remember a time when it was a scary hypothetical. I’m not sure that it’s so hypothetical anymore - thanks not to conspiracy so much as the abundance of sheeple.
In short, Dissonance’ post rings a little too true.

What, and spoil the surprise? :eek: :wink:

pfffffffffffffft … everyone knows who’s on that list already. :smiley: