Bush's to-do list

I don’t have a blog anymore and don’t have anywhere else to share this.

To do:

Organize Harvard male cheerleadering reunion while I still have a nice place to host it.

Look through family photos. Pick out the one I want my Mount Rushmore head to be based on.

Finish planning presidential library. Decide how much to charge for overdue books.

Call Obama, urge him diligence in the hunt for Harold and Kumar, two terrorist agents who escaped gitmo.

Get the phone number of that hot German president lady. She totally wants it.

Pay off Olympic bar tab.

Have Secret Service haul more brush out to Crawford Ranch.

Try to get Cheney to let me borrow keys to oval office so I can go in and look for my frisbee.

You forgot: Get us embroiled in a war with Syria in an attempt to sabotage Obama.

Also, Get the Heck out of town.

Clean lingering traces of Cheney’s ass off head.

Nail Sarah Palin while she’s bummin’.

Get new signature stamp & ink pad for that stack of pardons?

Remove ‘O’ key from all computer keyboards.

That frisbee is gone, man. Might as well face it.

Make 250,000 a talk on a lecture circuit. 5000 bonus for every pronounciation of "new clear"weapon.

Nitpick – that’s nuke-u-lar.

Have Attorney General draft a memo on the distinctions between “martial” and “marital” law.

Design new form for White House staff combining Pink Slip and Pardon.

Like, you know, doin’ stuff, is, you know, like hard. Take a 2 and a half month paid vacation. Like anybody’s goin’ to notice anyway.



Shred some more.
Now is a good time to be a office equipment salesperson in DC.