Business idea: Sedation Travel

Everyone hates going to the dentist, so some enterprising mofo came up with sedation dentristy–they knock your ass out, do their thing in your face, and then wake you up (in the vast, vast majority of cases).

Well, most people hate the actual traveling aspect of travel as well. So, my new service will knock your ass out, inspect your slumbering body for explosives etc., throw your snoring ass on a plane, and then wake you up in your destination (again–really really often, like, almost every single time).

Who’s ready to sign up?

But doesn’t traveling happen a bit more often than dental work? It does seem like a bit of a risk to take for something as simple as traveling, too. And wouldn’t you be groggy when you woke up? Though I guess you might be tired from jet lag anyway.

It might be a good thought if you had a serious fear of flying, though…

“There has been a delay. The passengers are kept in temporary suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. Coffee and biscuits are served every ten years, after which passengers are returned to suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. Departure will take place when flight stores are complete. We apologise for the delay.” :smiley:

I use sedation dentistry (best thing ever!), so I am aware that you can basically do do-it-yourself sedation travel - a tranquilizer or two once you’re on the plane, maybe a sleeping pill, and wake me up when we get there. Pour me in a cab and I’ll sleep it off in the hotel. My husband will just have to wheel me around in a cart (but he loves flying!).

Yeah, but you’ve gotta check in, wheel your luggage to the machine, go through security, wait at the gate, get on the plane, etc., all before you knock your own ass out.

My new business takes care of all that (while maintaining strict respect for your dignity, of course. We will not fondle your passed-out boobs.)

We could even knock your ass out at your own home, even while you are asleep. You could go to bed at home and wake up in Aruba.

According to a documentary called Inception that I saw just recently, there apparently are teams of people who get into your head while you are sleeping on public transportation, and steal industrial secrets; or worse, plant ideas in your mind that cause you to change your behavior in ways that benefit them. So, no, I’ll pass on that.

On noting who the OP is, be careful, folks, I bet he’s in on the whole scheme.

This seems like you are practicing medicine here so you better be prepared to hire some medical people to run this business.

In a tub of ice, missing a kidney. :smiley:

And hopefully that’s where you were trying to go.

I would totally sign up for this. I hate air travel, and have more than once told people about what they would do to BA on The A-Team to get him on a plane, in the hopes that someone would take the initiative with me.

I don’t like it, and I’ve done some extremely long-distance business trips (longest was from Toronto to Sydney, Australia). Not that it’s fun enduring extra-long flights–it isn’t–but I’d like to be awake, or at least not far from wakefulness, in case there’s an emergency of some sort. I’d rather not rely on somebody else to wake me up.

I’d do it, if only because I cannot for the life of me sleep on a plane, and I would LOVE to be able to rest on the red-eye or sleep on longer flights. I also generally hate flying and consider it a necessary evil that I do in order to be able to go to some really cool places.

This sounds like just the kind of thing that could go horribly awry.

Is there any emergency on a plane that you really want to be awake for? :slight_smile:

You mean, other than the bar running out of gin? :slight_smile:

Actually, and seriously, yes. I’ve flown hundreds of thousands of miles, and endured more than a few “we’re going to do X; this is a completely normal procedure” announcements from the pilot. From flying with a private pilot friend of mine, I know just enough to be dangerous, so I also know that “normal procedure” announcements really mean “we don’t normally do this.” While I have every faith in the flight crew, I’d just like to be awake and aware in case this “normal procedure,” that isn’t normally done, goes wrong in a hurry.

I wouldn’t like it because it would make traveling prohibitively expensive. Okay, here’s what I’m talking about:

Last summer I flew from Detroit to JFK, where I had a six hour layover, then I flew to Mumbai, where I waited for six more hours (BOM doesn’t have enough seats, btw, so I spent a lot of that standing up), then I flew to Hyderabad.

But if I had been sedated while I had done this, presumably I would need to pay extra for some system to guard my body and my belongings. I suspect that this would turn out to be pretty pricey, especially if you have two six-hour layovers.

So while it might be cool to fall asleep in one place and wake up in another, I’d rather suffer through it than not be able to afford going to India at all.

If there was no layover, I’d consider it, but I can’t even remember the last time I flew somewhere that didn’t require a layover. eta: this is a lie, I flew to Mumbai and back when I was staying in Hyderabad, no layover. That’s a really short flight though, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I guess that’s one of the difficulties; the long flights where you’d want to sleep through are the ones where you need connecting flights and lay-overs. Maybe we’ll have to hold off on sedation travel until we get ballistic jets.

“Long flight, Dad! It’s longer than you think!”

So, you’re saying that travel would work better if we were transformed into luggage?

It worked for B.A.!