Business is hiring, but won't say who they are

When I used to look in the want ads in the paper I would notice this sometimes, and today, looking through craigslist I noticed it again

If they’re highly respected then why not give their name? I’m not asking about this ad in general, I’m asking about the practice of giving a description like “A highly respected company is seeking,” or, “A top Fortune 500 company is seeking,” instead of, “Coca-Cola is seeking,” or “IBM is seeking,” or something like that.

My instinct is that they aren’t well known or respected at all and it’s a trick, but maybe some of you know of highly respected companies that have done ads like this.

So, what’s the straight dope on this?

In my experience most ads of this type are placed by employment agencies. They won’t name the company as they don’t want you to contact them directly (and cut out their commission).

Blind box ads can mean, as the above poster said, an employment agencies or they’re doing layoffs and don’t want their employee(s) to know the axe is about to fall

In addition, any company putting their name in the ad will be inundated with phone calls and walk-ins.

Or the company may be something like Cutco Knives, or Kirby Vacuum Cleaners, or other cretins that expect you to provide the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of 30-40 of your closest friends so somebody else can sell them crap and take all the commission therefor, while you are “in training”.

Good answers. I didn’t think of some of them, although what you said has occurred to me Oakminster, which is why I usually avoid responding to such ads.

Ads like that make me think “Herbalife”

Sometimes it’s employment agencies, but there is no real job (they just want to sign up loads of job-seekers of a particular skillset, so they can be ready to strike first when a real job does come on the market).

The company I work for did this once when they were employing for several positions related to a contract that had not been finalised. They wanted to maintain as much secrecy as they could for commercial reasons but they also needed to hire people in good time.

Some companies do it as a matter of general policy, simply to avoid the walk-ins, phone calls, workers bringing their pal’s resume, etc. Mind you, “Chemical company in Houston” doesn’t mean much; “Chemical company in Smith-Blanchard Crossing” there is probably only one…

A pleasing appearance? “Adequate admin support”?

What sort of position is involved? Horizontal?

There are a couple of reasons a company will do this.

  1. They haven’t told the person they are replacing yet and don’t intend to do it until the time.
  2. They know that X person will apply as soon as the job is posted and they are purposely trying not to let that person apply. X is most likely a friend of someone who is giving them trouble.
  3. They don’t want the competition to know they are hiring.

My company has used all three reasons.