Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances" on TCM (Oct. 16)

TCM is showing Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances (1925) at 8:00 (Eastern time) tonight (Sunday), and there is a bit-player buffet for old-movie nerds like myself: pre-stardom Jean Arthur appears as a country-club receptionist, Buster’s sister-in-law Connie Talmadge is “girl is car,” and (most exciting for me), Theda Bara’s sister Lori Bara plays “Mother of Underage Girl!”

Plus, of course, Buster himself, reason enough to tune in.

Girl *in *car, of course. Svelte and lovely Connie could in no way be mistaken for a car, even a sleek Stutz-Bearcat.

Thanks for the heads up, Eve!

A BK question: during the Richard Lewis tribute, a clip was shown of Buster driving a car down the street which then disintegrated underneath him. What film was that from?

Gosh, I don’t know! I adore Buster (he–literally–runs circles around Chaplin and Lloyd, in my opinion), but I have not seen all of his movies.

*Seven Chances *was great–hilarious, and Buster’s running and stunt work was breath-taking! According to Kevin Brownlow, he was the only star who didn’t have a stunt double, and indeed he did stunts for other stars.

Oh, and I was happy to spot Jean, Lori and Connie in their bit parts. Lori did look a *little *like Theda, in profile.

I watched One Week with my 6 year old. He absolutely loved it!

Is *Seven Chances * the one where he runs downhill while boulders crash down all around him? He just keeps running and running and running, and pretty soon you’re laughing with delight at the sheer athleticism of it. :smiley:

I bought the big Keaton collection on DVD a while ago; money well spent.

I watched it, Eve, and I loved it! I looked up locations for some of the scenes, and I see that the big church into which all the bridges crammed is still there today. It’s the Greater Page Temple, and it has barely changed at all.

I’m willing to bet that the country club scenes were filmed in my neighborhood - before it was a neighborhood. It was the Midwick Country Club, and many golf/polo/country club scenes were filmed there. At least the building in the movie looked just like the old Midwick. It was demolished in the late 40’s and my neighborhood tract was built on the grounds.

Too late to edit. “Brides”, not “bridges”. What a foolish squid I am.

That’s OK, I made a car out of Constance Talmadge.

Yes, it is the “chased down hill by boulders” movie, and his stunt work was amazing.

Apparently there is an episode of King of Queens where they go to a Keaton film festival, only to be disappointed that it’s not a Michael Keaton film festival. That an alleged comic like Kevin James would think that was funny is appalling.

I’m amazed that the man was still in one piece later in life and that I’d see him intact in films like Mad, Mad etc. World and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. He lived to rather an old age, IIRC.

He found out later in life through a routine X-ray that he had actually fractured his neck sometime in the 1920s doing a stunt, and never realized it.

If the location is known, odds are you’ll find the answer in this book. It’s a great resource for any Keaton fan.