"But I CAN'T pay the rent!" "But you MUST pay the rent!"

Since we’re voting, I’m with the “This is the fucking PIT. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Pussies.” crowd.

If the reason for eviction hasn’t been fulfilled within “a reasonable time”, I can complain to a governing board.

There are other steps I can take, too. I can pay the increase until April, then give my notice that I’m ending the lease, and then take all the paperwork to the board, show them the illegal increase and get reimbursed by the landlord for it. Unfortunately I really can’t afford to lose that money at this time. (There would, of course, be no provision for the landlord to pay for the additional student loan interest I’d accrue by having to borrow an extra $160 a month to pay for food. I wouldn’t expect there to be such a provision, but unfortunately losing that $160 a month probably means an extra $20 of interest, which doesn’t seem like much but I need every $20 I can get.)

About ‘fair market value’: the price I’m paying was fair market value 5 months ago. The cost of living has not increased by 20% since then. This is a cash grab.

Hijack: Where did the quote in the OP’s title originally come from? It’s driving me crazy! Thanks!

I don’t know the true origin myself. From what I can tell it’s originally a very short single-actor scene, as shown here, or possibly here.

While I agree DanBlather is being a dumbass (what crawled up your ass Dan? You do realize that Baffle’s posting in the pit right?), this sounds like rent control to me:

In a sense. Yes, based on what **Baffle ** is saying, by regulation, landlords can’t raise the rent more that once a year. But what’s to stop them from raising it from $500 to $5,000 when they do?

ETA: Besides, what the market will bear, I mean

Fair enough. It is a kind of control on rent. But there’s no price control, no limits on the amount the increase can be, and no limit on what a landlord can charge at the start of the lease. This doesn’t exactly fit the normal definition of ‘rent control’, which involves a price ceiling.

You must be thinking of a different Czech Republic. Nearly every Czech girl I have ever met has been extremely nice, and extremely hot. I’d go back to Prague in a second.

Sucks about the lease though. If you are sure that something illegal is being done, you’d better spend a few dollars on a lawyer. It’s impossible for us here to tell without knowing the content of the lease.

If you really want to look up the acts and regulations involved, you can check out the Queen’s Printer web site. It clearly states that it doesn’t matter if I even have a lease. The landlord’s actions break that law.

Then fight it and I’m behind you all the way.

My landlord tried to pull that on me – vaguely talkin’ 'bout he and his family moving into the building (NYC) and I just had to move out. I outlined what I would do to ascertain if this was all true and the followup I would pursue.

That was five years ago. No eviction, no further tak about it and, oh, no family – he’s single.

Here are Alberta’s laws regarding notice of rent increase:

Have you tried your school’s legal aid department?

There are also regulations which make this section even more specific.

And this is the section (same regulation, Alberta Regulation 211/2004) that allows the landlord to kick me out for a ‘relative’.

I’d never insult the land that brought us Petra Nemcova.

Hey turd for brains, if the govt controls how often the rent can be increased then it’s rent control.

Calling me names is fine, but I just don’t see what the nationality of the landlord has to do with squat. The bit about the third grade education is off the wall as well. Sounds like a priviledged college student acting all snotty about someone who is actually trying to work for a living. I guess I side with an immigrant that manages to make something of themselves rather than a self important student who thinks they are better than someone born in eastern Europe.

Whether he breaks the law or not? Would it be OK for non hardworking immigrants to break the law? How about natives? When can they break the law?

It looks to me like Baffle is the one working full time and getting loans.
The landlord is the one breaking the law.
Just to clear up your confusion.

Except this is a far cry from what NYC-ers complain about when they talk about rent control. Using the term ‘rent control’ evokes a situation where landlords are not allowed to raise rents to match market value based on the location of said building/apartment.

The OPs landlord is allowed to raise the rent as much as he wants, but only on a yearly basis. Frankly, this sounds perfectly reasonable. If I’ve signed a lease for a year at x dollars a month, it’s pretty ridiculous for the landlord to expect to be able to raise that rent at his or her whim. How could a tenant trust a landlord who would do such a thing? The law in Alberta as cited protects tenants from moving into a place at one rent, and then having the landlord turn around and change the rent after the tenant is ‘locked in’ to the lease.

Rent control it is not.