"But I CAN'T pay the rent!" "But you MUST pay the rent!"

I live in the city of Calgary, Alberta, a city known for having one of the highest homless rates per capita in the country. The better-off homeless people have a vehicle to sleep in, but they still get ‘moved along’ if they’re found sleeping in their car in the wrong place. The less lucky homeless are the ones who have a nice bridge to crash under. The ones who have it the worst are the ones who wander street to street all night, pissing and shitting in doorways because our fine oil-rich city hasn’t bothered to construct a single fucking public toilet.

And I’m about to become one of them, because I refuse to unbuckle and get pigfucked balls-deep by my landlord.

Listen, you ignorant flake of dandruff from a Czechoslovakian slut-whore’s sandpaper cunt, it’s a horrible shame you ever had the opportunity to crawl out of whatever backwater, inbred-sister-loving peasant town your parents dropped your ugly ass in, because you completely missed the chance to realize that out here in the real world it takes a little more than a third grade education and a working knowledge of where chickens like to be touched to run a business governed by strict regulations and laws.

I couldn’t care less about the ridiculous expenses you claim to have. I lose no sleep over the fact that the law changed to benefit me. I don’t know what it’s like in your fascist home country, you ignorant bitch, but here in Canada the laws aren’t there for show. You simply can’t increase rent more than once per year. Never mind the fact that I am a full-time university student who still needs a full-time job and a roommate to live in this city, and still needs student loans to get by, your twenty percent rent incease is illegal, immoral, and your relentless pursuit of a few extra dollars shows you as the most vile, disgusting cunt-rocket I have had the sheer pleasure of meeting in my life.

And today you play your trump card. I can either pay the illegal increase or you can terminate my lease. Never mind that this is would normally be a blatant violation of every regulation in existence, it all becomes moot because all you have to do is live in this shitty one-bedroom walkup for a month in order to get me out of here legally. You are so fucking spiteful you would choose to lose more money by not earning rent on this hell hole for that month instead of following the law and letting me stay at the agreed-upon rate.

I hope you roll your gigantic SUV on the Deerfoot and die in a car fire, you hopeless fascist cock gobbler.

I think he should be allowed to charge whatever he wants.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a worthless shit of a landlord. I agree with you completely.

It may be illegal, but how is it immoral? I think you should look in the mirror, not only did you use sexist and nationilistic language to describe the landlord, you want to deprive her of the full market value of her property. I have an idea of how to increase the amount of housing: let’s control how much landlords can charge for rent, that will create an incentive to…, no wait, that won’t work.

And if Calgary is anything like Portland, the reason there aren’t any public toilets is because the “homeless” use them to have sex and use drugs.

There’s no Czechoslovakia anymore. It dissolved into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in the “Velvet Divorce” on January 1, 1993.

Just sayin.’

There’s no control over how much the landlord can charge. Perfectly legal to increase the rent 1600%, next May, a year after the last increase.

Calling my landlord Czechoslovakian is probably because the family a) moved here before 1993 and b) yells at me in Czech whenever something doesn’t go their way. Put two and two together and it usually makes four.

And it’s immoral to turn somebody out on the street out of spite for not letting you get away with breaking the law.

Well, I personally think that if you rent property then you have to play by the rules and follow local laws, even if those laws are intrinsically unfair by free-market standards. There are other ways to invest money. And using a loophole to blatantly get around a tenant law is in my book borderline unethical.

But I am so with you on the language part, **Baffle ** thats just a mean nasty way to talk. You know some people from Eastern Europe actually can read, did it occur to you some of them may be on these boards?

You went a little further than just saying he was from Czechoslovakia:

Maybe he’s turning you out in the street because you’re an asshole.

It seems unlikely.

Sure, but she’s not Czechoslovakian anymore. Nobody is. There never was an ethnic people called “Czechoslovakian,” the country was populated by two distinct peoples, Czechs and Slovaks. When the country dissolved, there ceased to be any Czechoslovakians. She’s either a Czech or a Slovak, probably Czech if that’s what she’s speaking.

Does your university have a housing office? They may be able to help you locate another apartment or they may be able to advise you how to fight the illegal rent increase. And at my college the housing office kept track of which were the good and bad landlords and wouldn’t recommend the bad ones to students.

Probably, pravnik. But I’m not insulting the ethnic group, or even an existant country, but a single person who identifies themselves as that, for his own actions, and for acting like he has a third-grade education when it comes to Canadian culture and Alberta law.

Whether he/she is Czech or Slovak seems to pale in comparison to “ignorant flake of dandruff from a Czechoslovakian slut-whore’s sandpaper cunt. …backwater, inbred-sister-loving peasant town your parents dropped your ugly ass in, … it takes a little more than a third grade education and a working knowledge of where chickens like to be touched…”

It IS the Pit. It seems slightly…odd…to be concerned about foul (or even fowl) language in the Pit.

If it is illegal, how can he/she legally terminate your lease? I’m confused. Normally this sort of thing is spelled out in the lease itself.

Isn’t there a landlord/tenant sort of agency there?

PS (I’m with the “her nationality has nothing to do with it and shouldn’t have been brought up” crowd)

By exploiting a loophole.

I gather that, where Baffle lives, leases can be legally terminated by the owner of the property if they reside in that property for at least one month out of the year. (they probably claim it as their legal residence so the laws governing renting chat, or something)

So, if Baffle doesn’t pay, the landlord could move into the house for a month and then terminate the lease legally. This is based on my understanding of what has been posted so far. I have no familiarity with Canadian laws.

He can’t find a legitemate reason to terminate the lease, so he intends to invoke the “I or a relative intend to live in this space so you must exit” clause. I intend to look into how long he or a relative has to live there for it to be legal, but I don’t know if it’s defined. He’s just moving out of his house (or sending his wife out to live here) for a month, losing at least one month’s rent at the same time, to punish me for standing up for my rights. The law specifically states I can’t be evicted for standing up for those rights, but I have no way of proving that the man or the woman don’t have a legitemate need to stay here (as I didn’t record the conversation where the real motive was made plain).

I guess I’d better start looking for a place to live in 0.5% unit availability rate Calgary.

No wonder there is low availability if there is rent control.

There’s no rent control. Pay attention, dumbass.

Since the law says he, or any landlord, can evict you based on a relative living there, if it’s worth your time, check to see what measures are in place (since you say you don’t know if it’s defined) by your local governance to make sure that this is really the case when these claims are made and follow up if there are.

I also agree that a property owner should be able to charge whatever they want, but if rules and regulations really are in place (not clear what exactly is the case here) regarding this sort of thing, it’s wrong for a landlord to try and get around them.

The thing here is not that the owner is restricted in what s/he can charge for rent, but in how often s/he can change it. In this case, Baffle’s landlord is allowed to change the rent only once every 12 months, if I read correctly.