But I wanted mine overmedian!

I just downloaded hangman for my phone and instantly lost the first game…

The word?



Now, to scamble and to scramble pretty much have the same derivation…but seriously, does anybody ever use “scambled” with “eggs” to refer to a dish… Plus it’s two words!

I’m just glad it wasn’t “ToldInAHoe” :wink:

Next category was “Actors”

Umm… Can’t be? Can it?

J _ _


J L _


O? Nope…

J L _


it was


Who’s J LI?
Did I just fall into a bizarro universe?

Jet Li. Google him.

I know who Jet Li is.

However, I have never ever heard to him referred to as “J Li”

That must be his hip hop name.

Yes. It’s common useage in Wisconsin. What the Hell else would you call them. Slightly shaken not stired eggs?

I’ve never seen it used as one word. I most certainly is scrambled eggs.

I think the game also spelled it as “scambled” rather than “scrambled,” if I understand the complaint correctly, and during my time growing up in Wisconsin I never saw the former spelling or saw it used as one word.

In that case, never mind. Emily Litella (Who’s the first to get this reply?)

Got it, and had a similar response all lined up. (Amazing how words look like what we expect them to be, rather than what they are!)