But we never thought it could actually HAPPEN!

All yesterday a repeating refrain, whether from a newsman or a bloody government official, was “This is the stuff of a blockbuster movie or a Tom Clancy novel, but we never thought it could actually happen.” Just what sort of shit is that? Are they saying that an insurance agent from Maryland can come up with a plan like this but Licensed Professional Terrorists can’t? Christ on a bicycle, how little credit do we give LPTs? It is their JOB to come up with stuff like this! And it is your job, Mr Hotshot Government Type, to put yourself in the LPT’s head and project what he MIGHT and CAN do so you can prevent it.


From what I understand Mr. Hotshot Government Type (HGT) did, in fact, come up with this scenario (maybe not the World Trade Centers per se but a hijacked plane being used as a kamikaze).

In the infinite wisdom of cost/benefit analysis it was decided that there wasn’t much worth doing. Ok, so they started having Suzi/Jack Ticket Agent ask you if you packed your own bags before flying. I bet that was a tough roadblock for terrorists to overcome (not).

You can blame big business for not wanting to spend the money necessary to tighten up their operations.

You can blame the HGT’s who cowtow to big business.

You can blame Joe American who wants the simplest and easiest route through an airport and will scream bloody murder if he is delayed in any way.

As too often seems to be the case no one does anything useful till something serious smacks everyone in the face and forces them to take notice.

Are we sufficiently smacked yet? And how long will this smack last before our busy schedules start us griping about having to get to the airport early?

If they had on HGTs who said “I told you so!” it wouldn’t bother me near as much as the ones who found the whole situation unimaginable.

And what, exactly, would you have the airport security do?

From the reports I’ve read so far, the hijacking was carried out by a group of people on each plane, armed with boxcutters or small knives. We’re not talking guns, we’re certainly not talking the semi-automatics we seem to think all terrorists pull out of their asses- we’re talking about tiny blades and strength in numbers and force. Tell me, aside from banning all metal from being carried on to a plane, how airport security could have stopped that.

It seems many people are focusing on airport checkpoint security, without giving thought to other ways of bypassing security.

I’ve only seen one news article that commented on possible “sleepers” - terrorists who obtained jobs at an airport months or years in advance, specifically to plant a knife, wave a certain passenger through the metal detector, or whathaveyou.

Although there’s been no conclusive proof (to my knowledge) that airport employees aided and abetted this, it’s another aspect of security that should not be overlooked.

Actually, the pathetic “security” at airports is only part of it. And a box cutter would have shown up on the metal detectors if they were set for useful sensitivity, instead of being set to not inconvenience passengers by being set off by their change and zippers. I have gotten to a gate with a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket (I forgot I was carrying it). But my gripe is with the HGT’s stated inability to conceive of such a plot, not with their impotence at stopping it. I’d have been more reassured if they said, “Yeah, we knew something like this could happen and we took such and such measures to prevent it but we can’t stop every possibility.”

Putting a proper door between the cockpit and the cabin would be nice, too. Little things like that.

I heard earlier this morning that knives up to 4 inches in length are allowed on airplanes!

I was completely shocked!

I can understand not being overly concerned by a swiss army knife (which is obviously no less dangerous in any way) but FOUR INCHES??? Cripes! That’s more than enought to kill someone!

Yes, Falcon, that is the FAA reg.

Plenty of people conceived of this happening. Most if not all of them despaired, because there is little that can be done in a case like this.

If you are determined, well-financed and reasonably prepared, you can pull just about anything off. Obviously, we all know it now.

Oh the sarcasm never stops does it?!? Well I have said my share of it too. Some people never thought it would happen here? WEll WAAAAAKE UUUUUP!!!:rolleyes:

Y’know, Mr Carpenter, I noticed your arrival on the boards, and I’ve been waiting for you to contribute something worthwhile.

I’m still waiting.

Me too.

Now, now. This is not a time for this fussin’ and feudin’. Let’s wait a week. :wink:

gotta agree with ej’sgirl. short of xraying everyone, cavity and strip search, there is no was of keeping lethal item off airplanes (then, you would have to restrain everyone to keep them from using martial arts on your ass!)

i accidentally made an awsome 12" inch knife out of lexan while fabricating a shield for a motorcycle helmet. it would be mighty easy to slip a 4" model onto a plane and do some serious damage.

yeah, i figured it would just be a matter of time befor some nutjob did something, just wish i was still waiting…

No carry on luggage. None. Check your luggage, if you want it to come with you. Want to bring a briefcase? Fine. We’ll open it up and hand search it. We should take a cue from the Israeli’s who’ve never had a hijacking and make air travel SECURE.