Butane-Powered Model Cars

Sometimes I have these weird, detailed technological dreams. Last night, I dreamed that I was given a bunch of parts, This-Island-Earth-Interociter-style, and had to put them together. It ended up making a model car that was powered by the butane from a butane lighter that slipped into a specially-formed recess in the car body. Then I took my model car to a track and raced it against other such cars. I don’t remember how I did in the race, but I was proud that I figured out what it was and could put it together entirely on my own.
Is that a tech geek dream, or what?

I googled “propane powered” and “propane powered model car”, but couldn’t find any model cars or other vehicles that ran on propane (although I did find soldering irons and tabletop engine models).

Years ago I had a dream about how to build a 3D TV system. It was a feasible system, too.

Anybody else have these? Anybody ever hear of butane-powered toy cars?

Interesting… I can’t help you on the gas-powered model cars, although there is something called ‘nitro racing’ which I think is radio-controlled gasoline powered cars, or something…

But I also had a dream about a workable 3D visual display unit, which I keep thinking I should develop.

I once had a dream of a perpetual motion machine that was freely floating through space and included a hamster running on a wheel, and water flowing down a ramp along with many other things I can’t remember now. It made perfect sense at the time of the dream, and seemed plausible. I was going on the assumption that it was a space hampster, and not some mundane earth hampster.

So, when do they hit the store shelves?

Probably never, unfortunately. After my dream, I went and surveyed the field of 3D TV. There are lots of workable proposals , most of them more complex than mine. But you have to persuade someone to broadcast in that format, and persuade someone to make the TVs. It’s too much cost for a fringe market. There’s been a market in 3D still cameras for a very long time. But, despite attempts like Nimslo to push it into the mainstream market, there hasn’t been enough interest to justify the cost.

No, but look at this:


A couple of the early Monogram model cars were designed to be convertable to use these.

You’re obviously not looking in the right areas. I can tell you two markets that would eat that up. The first is survelliance, since spooks have found 3D photographs to be handy in intel analysis. The second, and most lucrative market is pr0n.

I’ve long held that porn is the force driving consumer technology. I think it was big factor in photography, then hme movies, then vieotape. There has been more advancing in porno video than in any other consumer 3D video 've seen. I have actually seen 3D porn videos that use the LCD block-obe-eye-then-the-other approach to 3D, which, if it’s fast enough, is overall superior to an of the other 3D viewing methods (anaglyphic, polarized, less complex than having two separate screens, etc.) I have not seen any other type of film in this format. Yet, even in porn, it has not caught on. haven’t seen any in years.