Butane-Powered Model Cars

Sometimes I have these weird, detailed technological dreams. Last night, I dreamed that I was given a bunch of parts, This-Island-Earth-Interociter-style, and had to put them together. It ended up making a model car that was powered by the butane from a butane lighter that slipped into a specially-formed recess in the car body. Then I took my model car to a track and raced it against other such cars. I don’t remember how I did in the race, but I was proud that I figured out what it was and could put it together entirely on my own.
Is that a tech geek dream, or what?

I googled “propane powered” and “propane powered model car”, but couldn’t find any model cars or other vehicles that ran on propane (although I did find soldering irons and tabletop engine models).

Years ago I had a dream about how to build a 3D TV system. It was a feasible system, too.

Anybody else have these? Anybody ever hear of butane-powered toy cars?

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