Butt-Hurt Trump Takes to Twitter Again (Part 2)

And now YouTube suspended his account for a week:

It’s more than a bit ironic that Trump’s Twitter account gets taken down–which we mostly all agree with–and yet we rue that we can’t watch his melt-down in real time. We’re just never satisfied!

Well, if he did still have access to Twitter and other platforms, you know what we’d be seeing:

"I have the most impeachments. A tremendous amount of impeachments. People are saying they’ve never seen this many impeachments. "…

(I cannot take credit for this; I spotted it on another board.)

I say we give Trump four more years so he can get the first impeachment hat-trick!

“I have as many impeachments as all other presidents combined!”

I think you mean “four more weeks”, right? :slight_smile: That’s how long it will take him.

I mean, really, we don’t need to wait for him to do any more. There are plenty of things that he has done that are impeachable already.

The “perfect” GA phone call, for instance.

Thank you for posting that, I’ve saved the link. It’s a wonderful article we all should read.

:slight_smile: I thought maybe you’d written it!

Really interesting and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve sent it to my stepmother who likes Trump but hates abuse.

< Gomer Pyle voice>

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

</Gomer Pyle voice>

Shoulda banned him four years ago.

But oh, the money they made.

Agent Orange was not the only one they ejected at the time, though.

And how many of the remaining were bots just replying to themselves?

The Man Without a Scruple!

This reminds me of the lines from the movie Paper Moon (paraphrased):

Do you know scruples are?

No, but if you have 'em I bet they belong to someone else!

Or, from Sabrina: “He thinks that morals are paintings on walls, and scruples are money in Russia.”