Butter or margarine?


This article confuses me. It’s dated 1988, but Cecil uses the phrase, “Prior to 1990 or so…” Then he talks about how things are today. I guess it just shows Cecil is psychic.

Butter. The tiniest smidge of butter is better than a 2-lb tub of margarine.


Even better when it’s fresh churned from the farm. Oleo is just nasty.

I love butter, but I use Smart Balance for spreading on toast–butter is reserved for cooking. Mmm, flaky pie crusts.

Butter. It’s just better.

During the holidays and special family occasions, the kids and I will make our own butter! The kids enjoy it, and it’s easy to make fancy butters like herbed butter and honey butter.


I grew up on margarine, and just never thought about trying anything else. Then I read an earlier thread on this topic, with a similar high percentage of butter fans, and decided that I ought to give it a try.

Bleah. Butter isn’t terrible, but I prefer the taste of margarine. Fleischmann’s margarine. In sticks, not tubs.

Reminds me of when I had a job that involved making travel arrangements. Every single person wanted an aisle seat, and spoke of aisle seats as if they were the holy grail. So I decided that I must be missing something in my lifelong preference for window seats. For about a year, I chose aisle seats instead. They were a pain. Finally I realized that my preference really is my preference, even if 95% of people disagree.

So feel free to eat all the butter you want. I’ll be over here in my window seat with my delicious partially hydrogenated soybean oil.


I love making butter at home and trying butters from Europe. Admittedly though, I keep some Brummel and Brown for toast. I think it tastes much better than margarine.

Butter by a LONGshot. My doctor has threatened me with cholesterol leeches, though, so I use the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” stuff.

I was always a butter girl until I moved to Maryland from Alberta. The cows eat differently at home than they do here, and the butter tastes better to me at home. Then I realized I was a fat cow myself and stopped eating butter altogether, even though we keep it around.

I use it for cooking, some baking, and on corn, but I use margarine for just about everything else.

Margarine. I like butter, but it runs a poor, poor second to Margarine.

Margarine is what I would tend to use more often, although I also like butter.

I’ll have to test it out one day, but I’m getting the impression that the generally strong aversion to margarine in the USA can’t just be a cultural thing; it must be that it’s a genuinely inferior product.

Some of the margarines we get here are really not bad at all, even the ones that don’t particularly aim to be ‘buttery’ are quite acceptable.

Butter. I was raised on margarine, however.

I do have to say that the quality of margarine has gone downhill in the last 15 years or so. Most of the stick stuff they sell isn’t “margarine” at all; it’s “spread”. It doesn’t have enough fat content to call it margarine. Makes a big difference in baking. Also, the oils now used don’t taste as good as they used to, IMO. I can actually remember buying store brand margarine that was made with lard. :eek: The stuff for sale on the shelves now is just awful. Yuk. ::insert puke smiley here::

Butter. Butter and bacon fat. And beer. What more do you need?

ObStory: Once, many moons ago when the planet was still forming and I was about…4 or 5… My parents took me on a massive road trip fron pa.us to fl.us to visit my maternal grandparents (well, maternal grandfathre and maternal step-grandmother). On the day we were going to visit the Disney place there (can’t keep them straight), step-gandma made us a lunch to take with us.

It was sandwiches made of white bread, with the crusts cut off, with one piece of bologna per, and HONKING HUGE chunks of margarine on top. :dubious:

Conveniently, my parents took the cooler it had been put in and “left” it on the roof at a rest stop on the way.

Butter. Butter and bacon fat are like Glub’s way of saying “I’m here! No, over HERE! HEY!”

Well I suppose they’d have to meet a higher bar, considering your location. :wink:

Many margarines taste as good to me as butter, but all margarines I’ve tried contain water, and they make my toast SOGGY! I hate that! So I buy butter. It makes my Zocor work overtime, but I do it anyway. I’m obese, and I probably should use the “substitute”, but I like butter better, and I figure everybody dies eventually, so I jus…
why is everything getting dark?


After all, everyone knows margarine is only one molecule . . . oh, never mind.


I’m 34 and grew up on Parkay, and used that without a second thought until about a year ago – I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly switched to Land O Lakes spread (“fresh buttery taste!”).

However, I buy real butter every Thanksgiving to use on the corn and in the mashed potatoes, and last year when I finished the leftover butter I decided to do some label comparison in the store. I decided that real butter isn’t that much worse for me, and that it was worth having better-tasting food (I never spread it on anything, I always just cook with it). So since November I’ve been buying Land O Lakes unsalted butter sticks, and life has been good. Life will be even better after my calibrated butter dish arrives. :smiley:

Margarine, but only Imperial brand. Never, ever generic. Left out to soften in a dish.

I’ve had butter but I just don’t know what the big deal is. It seems a little too salty and a little too greasy for toast and bagels.

Butter and standard margarine have the same calorie content. The types of fats in margarine may well (arguably) be better for you than those in butter, but that’s a different issue. So unless you are using and like low calorie margarine you can switch back to butter; just use less of it at a time.