Butter or margarine?


Butter definitely. Margarine is too much like plastic.

Butter forever. Margarine is the Devil’s earwax.

I would be suspect if anyone said anything other than butter. Except for maybe “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”.

My dad grew up on a farm. He wouldn’t have margarine in the house. I’ll let it in the house, but I sure won’t eat it on purpose.

One day Dad came back from the grocery store, happy that he’d found a new, economical brand of butter. Until we read the package carefully, and found he’d picked up a package of BUTLER brand margarine. He was not pleased.

Margarine? What the hell is margarine?



Butter. Margarine is just nasty.

I grew up on margarine and didn’t know about the joys of real butter until I became an adult and bought butter for myself. Some people I know insist on keeping tub margarine around because it is “spreadable”. I scoff at them and show them my butter bell that keeps my real butter soft and fresh.

I grew up eating margarine (we called it oleo back then, in the fifties). I don’t think I ever tasted real butter until I was in college. I like 'em both. On potatoes or corn, I prefer butter. On toast, I like margarine.

Wow. Butter for me too. I really expected it to go heavily in favor of margarine. Nobody I know is butter-only.


someone had to :wink:
but I prefer butter.

My 4 year old used to try to eat it like it was cheese, by the slab, but I just knew, with a mother’s intuition, we’d end up on a reality show like “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids”.
So I didn’t let him.
Everybody should listen to their mothers.

From France.
On good bread.

Butter. I only have soy margarine in the house because one of my best friends has a dairy allergy, and sometimes I bake cookies for her.

As Someone Famous said, when it comes to butter v. margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.

Accept no substitutes.

High cholesterol levels at my house, so we use margarine (Country Crock) for everything except baking, popcorn, and fresh sweet corn. I miss butter.

I remember when oleo first came out. It was white, and it came with a little packet of oily orange stuff, for coloring. Mix it into the white stuff and voila! Fool your family! (Not.)

I prefer butter for most things. However, I usually only use it at restaurants as a treat. At home, we have Smart Balance. I grew up with margarine, so it doesn’t taste bad to me or anything like that; I just prefer butter.

Buttah. Fer sure.

This isn’t a poll. It’s a foregone conclusion.