Buttigieg caught staging a blatant photo Op. (Debunked)

As I read this, I thought, “Well…perhaps there is…”

Having not taken trips to DC (unlike my wife, complains her parents ‘dragged’ her through Smithsonian museums over several summers) I’ll have to admit I don’t know the minute details of the DOT or White House but I’m wondering if there are bike racks at either site. If not, it might be more secure to mount/lock Pete’s bike to an SUV (particularly an SUV belonging to security personnel) than to just lock it to itself and leave it outside the front (or back) door. Alternatively, I’d think it somewhat useful to mount the bike to an security detail’s SUV for the “what if he can’t or doesn’t want to pedal back when he’s done in there?” contingency. Okay, just hop in the SUV that’s got your bike and we’ll drive you wherever you want or need to go.

Practice shingen at all times: See the world not as you wish it to be, judge it not as good or bad; observe all things with compassion.

Do you have a cite for the claims that:

  1. The Protective Services Division of the Department of Transportation can lawfully give orders to the Secretary of Transportation.
  2. The United States Secret Service can lawfully give orders to the President of the United States.

In neither case am I talking about these or similar security services physically removing their protected person from the stage or the room or whatever in the event of some immediate physical threat. Or about them strongly advising a protected person against taking some course of action.

I’m talking about them actually saying “I’m sorry, sir, we can’t allow you to {ride a bicycle}/{visit [FOREIGN COUNTRY] for a summit conference}/{make a campaign stop in [U.S. STATE]}, on the grounds that it would be a violation of your security”.

This. I’m definitely not much of a fan of Buttigieg, but if I’m gonna criticize him, it’ll be over something real.

Sure, it didn’t save any energy or anything, because he could have been a passenger in the security SUV, but sometimes you just want to get out on your bike. I can totally relate to that.

And perhaps the secretary of transportation was trying to encourage bike riding?

Slapping my head for getting taken in by this OP and his sleazy sources. I really, really should have known better.

When Dinesh D’Souza‘s name appears in the first paragraph of a Snopes article, you don’t have to read the rest to know that the claim is bullshit.

It’s one of those awkward realities that security has to tag along whenever a senior politician tries to do something ordinary, whether they’re protecting the person or the confidentiality of his/her papers. Over here Cameron got some stick because, while he biked, his “red box” of papers followed in a car. I think similar things have happened when ministers wanted to take public transport.

Wow, a politician uses a prop to make a point. In what universe should this be a story at all? Who cares?

What we should be caring about is his daft ideas to festoon the country with high-speed rail.

Now you worry about daft ideas from politicians?

Apparently people on your side of the political spectrum do. They’re the ones who made a story out of it.

You’re right, the U.S. should continue to settle for a third-class transportation system. We clearly don’t deserve what the Europeans and Japanese have.

Let’s repeat for good measure. In point of fact this was NOT even a politician using a prop. It was a distortion of something in which a politician was doing his normal thing and it was jumped on as if it was something that it was not.

Why would we have cared? Because we like our politicians sincere … or minimally skillful enough to fake it well! :slightly_smiling_face: And if it had been true it was inconsequential enough to be MPSIMS rather than politics or GD. An embarrassing unforced error deserving of being mocked. Instead of embarrassing many of us for credulously believing it.

High speed rail though, and his position on it? That belongs in one of those spaces of more consequential discussion. If you think it something we should be caring about maybe you want to start a thread in one those fora?

The story is appealing because it is superficial and confirms expectations of modern politicians.

It fooled a lot of people on social media, including me.

And I’m calling them out for it. You have a problem with that?

The U.S. has the best rail freight system in the world. The reason it does is because it is private and because freight doesn’t often share track with passengers. Freight routing can therefore be optimized. And freight makes much more sense to send by rail than passengers. In Europe those passenger trains you love had the effect of pushing freight onto the roads, making freight delivery less efficient, causing more road wear, increasing congestion and consuming significantly more energy per lb delivered.

High Speed Rail is not the future. It was the wonder-technology of the 1960’s. Sixty years later there are much better, more flexible options. Cars passed rail for energy efficiency a long time ago, especially if there is more than one person in them. But electric cars are more energy efficient even driven solo. If you parked your train and put all the passengers in Teslas you would save energy, and since both use grid electricity, there’s no difference in energy type either.

Also, building a web of steel tracks across the country is going to do wonders for increasing CO2. Do you know how much energy it takes to smelt and form high strength steel? Or to clear and grade land with heavy machinery?

So a new nation-spanning rail system will cost a fortune in money, resources, and CO2 output, and when it’s running it will make the transportation system less energy efficient and less flexible. And you want to build it with borrowed money. Great plan.

And if California’s experience it typical, it will take 50 years to build and cost multiples of what the politicians promise.

Sorry, this is a hijack. If yoh want to continue the discussion of high speed rail, let’s open a thread.

After years here, you still don’t seem to have grasped that this is the standard to avoid, not the one to aspire to.

Yes, this is a hijack. Let’s leave serious discussion of transportation policy to other categories, please. :wink:

At least he wasn’t wearing a tan suit or saluting with a coffee cup in his hand.


You mean a densely populated geographic area within which high-speed rail makes sense?

There is a price to pay for largely empty and wide-open spaces, and one of those is the cost to go across them.

“ Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride .” - Eddy Merckx .

OP, why haven’t you reported this thread for closure? The entire premise is false. Just flag your own OP as Something Else and ask for it to be closed.