Buy Angel's car! Let David Boreanaz take you for a ride :rolleyes:

I really, really like the show Angel. Last year it had some of the best writing in tv, ever.
But David Boreanaz has always come across as a conceited stuck-up asshole. This is at IMDb:

For being deprived of his car…?

Anayways, this latest item just confirmed it. He’s selling a newer MB on E-bay. Why sell it there? Because the buyer will get to spend a day with DB for buying his used car.
Sheezus. Talk about delusions of grandeur…

I felt kinda bad for him when the auction closed with not a single bid.

Of course, who has 78,000 to blow on a used car?

Awww…poor David! No one bid on his car.

I, for one, would love to spend a day with David Boreanaz so I could hear some of the wacked out stuff that comes out of his mouth. I don’t know of any celebrity who has such a consistent track record of saying so much weird stuff to the press. He’s either insane or a genius–I have yet to figure out which one.

Here’s a page with some of his quotes on it. The guy is nuts! My favorite is

Wow… socks… yeah, he doesn’t seem so interesting anymore.

I vote genius.

Genius. Definitely. Stuck up, conceited, but definitely a genius.

Even if I had the money, I don’t think I’d blow 78k on a used that came with a date with the previous owner.

Unless, of course, the previous owner was James Marsters…

Oooh! I found more. The Television Without Pity David Boreanaz thread is great for these.

Whoa. The guy’s a zen master! Huh, who knew.

Whoops, we’re leaning back toward stupid:

Er, would that be Holden that you’re talking about, Mr. Boreanaz?

DB is such a…my favorite comment was when he compared London to a whore with dirty underwear.

He saves dogs though. I know a nice lady whose dog ran away. The dog was very old and near death at the time and it had ran away shortly after her father’s death. DB and his dad found it, took it to the vet, and DB stayed up all night with it because it was sick and afraid. The next day they found my friend and returned the dog. Isn’t that sweet?

Now, I would love to hear a conversation between DB and Marsters…I think I would kill to hear one in fact. Between the bizarre things DB spouts off and the weird tangets JM allows himself to go on…it would be very surreal…

Wow. Having been spurred on by this thread to further research, it turns out that Dave Roberts from Philly’s Action News is DB’s dad. I think my brain just blew a gasket.

Anyway, he seems to be an interesting mix insane, zen, stupid, and just plain good people. He seems to genuinely care about, y’know, folks and fans and stuff. The fact that he’s completely whacky somehow works into this, I’m sure. Now if I could just figure out how…