I pit that it's okay to say someone has a small penis for driving (car you don't like/wish you had)

I’ve seen it many times on the SDMB, and it really surprises me that no one ever calls anyone out for this cheap shot. What I am talking about is someone insulting someone else either verbally or in their head “Sorry about your small penis!” or some variant, because the person who is a jerk gets into a hummer, escalade, or sports car etc.

For one, it is beyond lame to insult a man even if he DID have a small penis. It is a very sexist double standard. I’m trying to think of an equivelent “compensation” for women…something like, “Sorry your clit is so huge!” or something if a woman spends too much on kitchen equipment? I have no idea, I am not that creative. But insulting someone’s genitalia is lame because it’s something they can’t help anyways, and because two, it’s not like the guy you hate so much because he has a sports car can whip it out and disprove you without being arrested anyway.

The other reason I find it REALLY annoying, is because all my life I have loved sports cars and fantasized about owning one. I have always found driving a fun, enjoyable activity, and as soon as I could I bought a sports car within my budget: a 1988 5 speed Toyota Supra turbo with quite a bit of performance modifications.

The car was old and wouldn’t win any beauty contests, but it made me happy because I finally had a performance car that was fun to drive. If I had more money I would love to own a Porche, BMW M3, or even a newer Supra. Because I like cars…nothing else. I no longer even own the car, I now own a barely working 2000 Dodge Neon, I guess my penis doubled in length and girth because I now have an econo-box. :rolleyes:

People always make fun of the middle aged guy driving the Porche saying “mid life crisis” etc. Unless you are incredibly fortunate to have a ton of money at a young age, mid-life is of course when lots of men such as myself start to even have the money to afford such a car. (I’m 26). If posters disparaged a woman and said that a man must’ve bought her her Porche, everyone would jump all over them, but assuming negative things about men based on what they drive is completely fair game.

I like driving, and I like the engineering and design involved in fast cars, nothing more. It’s very childish, and overtly sexist to disparage a man’s genitals because of what he chooses to drive, and I think the SDMB should be better than that.

Agreed. But you didn’t mention the size of your penis.

Large vagina is the equivalent term. Larry David said it best: “These large vagina women are getting away with murder!”

Yeah, and that was a big OP. Someone’s obviously compensating.

It’s a childish generalization, but I think there’s a grain of truth to it.

I think insecure men compensate in many ways. Some of the time it’s a car, sometimes it’s being a gun nut, sometimes it’s just acting like a big dick instead of having one.

Lots of men fulfill stereotypes about men; lots of women fulfill stereotypes about women. It’s not fair, but men aren’t victims.

Women get judged all the time for their bodies.

Your intolerance level is quite small.

Sometimes it’s accusing men of having small penises, maybe?

Yes they are.

That’s wrong too.

That was intentional because the purpose of my OP was to note a double standard and childish behavior that is surprisingly accepted on the SDMB, not to stealth brag. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never think this about people who own a particular brand of car. I’m quite likely to admire a really unique or sporty-looking vehicle. I only start to think this when they act like an asshole while driving that car. Someone peeling out or changing lanes with two inches of clearance in a futile attempt to impress the other drivers around them? Yeah, he’s compensating for something.

Unless you are incredibly fortunate to have a ton of money at a young age, mid-life is of course when lots of men such as myself start to even have the money to afford such a car. (I’m 26). [/QUOTE]

This +1. I have wanted a Shelby Mustang, any vintage, since I was 15. It’s only in the past couple years that I could remotely afford such an indulgence. Nothing’s changed about me except I’ve got a bit more money. Same with my desire for a Maserati (except I probably still couldn’t swing that).

I was going to disagree when several people here recently said it about Hummers, because I have an ex who has one and it’s not true of him. But he *is *short in height, so he’s still not exactly shattering any stereotypes. And I do think Hummers are ridiculous.

Actually, I never think about a dudes penis, but I’d like to hear more about the large vagina thing Yog mentioned above.

You’re an idiot.

The problem isn’t having a small or large dick, the problem is giving a shit.

I drive a 17-year-old beater–am I revealing too much about how I’m hung?

Your latent gay urges are showing. I’m flattered, but I’m just not that into you.

No you haven’t.

Depends. Quick search shows a bunch - there is one for $35K buy it now.

This insult is used because it is custom designed to most affect exactly those people it is directed at

There is a certain class of people (not necessarily the OP) who buy sports cars just to show off how great the are. These people have tied their self esteem into a shallow superficial trait, namely the coolness of their car, a trait that many of us see as largely irrelevant to their self worth. When someone attempts to lord over us with their cool car, we see it as an indication of lack of depth. Size of penis is similarly a shallow superficial trait that has nothing to do with underlying self worth. By suggesting that those people who have fancy cars lack proper equipment, we are attempting the turn the owner’s superficiality against himself, so that it will be difficult for him to lord over us with his snazzy wheels without putting himself in a position of weakness with regard to his personal equipment.

For those (like possibly the OP) who aren’t attempting to use the car as a status symbol and have a certain degree of depth, the solution is simply to not care what others say about the size of your genitalia and get on with life.

No you haven’t.

Are you trolling, or just not that bright?

Here is a thread where the question is " Ladies, do you notice a guy’s car?", and one of the answers, which got 13 responses, is “If a man drives a large truck, I think he has a small penis and is a dork.”




And that is just briefly looking on my lunchbreak. It’s common here, no one ever calls anyone out on how pathetic a thing it is to do, and if you had any integrity you’d take back what you said.