Big vehicle = small penis: any proof?

One hears it all the time; men who drive large, imposing vehicles such as large pickup trucks, large SUVs, and Hummers are compensating for having a small penis.

Have there been any studies that prove there is a real inverse correlation between vehicle size and the driver’s penis size?

prof = proof. Can a mod change the title? Thanks.

I doubt that there has been such a study, and if there was, I would bet that the theory you posit would be proven false.

Most of the large vehicles I see being driven around my area (south Atlanta, Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville) are driven by women. And they can do it one-handed, a cell phone being in the other hand. I’ve seen more big yellow Hummers driven by tiny little women around here than anywhere else.

I think that “large vehicle” driven by a male can mean one of several things:

  1. The driver actually has a practical use for it. Towing trailers, for example.
  2. The driver might be intimidated by traffic (understandable around here) and thinks a larger vehicle might be safer for him and his family.
  3. It’s a status thing. Also big around here.

I think many people drive aggressively in large vehicles because they are frightened by the crazy traffic here.

Think of the cobra, which when alarmed spreads it’s hood to appear bigger than it is to intimidate attackers into leaving it alone. It doesn’t want to fight.

I don’t think penis size has anything to do with it. Fear has a lot to do with it.

A big problem with any study which aims to compare vehicle size with penis size has to be the reliability of the data supplied by the owner of the penis.

For example, Car & Truck Magazine conducted a survey which concluded that:

Whereas the OP wishes to discuss vehicle size versus penis size I believe that truck lift size versus penis size offers a suitable alternative, metaphysically speaking of course. This survey produced unexpected results until a ‘standard formula’ was applied to the penis size statistics submitted by penis holders, as follows:

Naturally the survey results are hotly disputed by some of the respondents:

However, let us defer to an expert in body appendage measurement:

Lucky Tracy.

I conclude that any survey of this nature has to be based on flawed data, unless the penises are measured by an independent panel of adjudicators in optimum testing conditions for correct size evaluation thereof.

I drive a Toyota Yaris hatchback with a 3" lift.

I’ve always taken the phallic symbol/penis size comparisons to be metaphorical, i.e: The guy is a klutz w/ women, so he needs, attention getting, pseudomasculine toys to compensate, cars, guns, motorcycles, etc.
The sexual inadequacy is psychological, rather than physical.

I too have always taken the penis size this metaphorically as the condition of their ego. More of a “look at me cause nobody loved me as a child” kind of thing. I think the head of the nail was hit however in the fear thing.

People that drive big vehicles are sissies and fraidy cats.

I have no car; what does that imply? :cool:

:smiley: 1998 Toyota Corolla, ladies.

Wait… I have guns. But I carry a tiny one in my Corolla because
(wait for it)
I know how to use it.

My unit is so large I had to lower my Volvo. :smiley:

I’d love to ride a Vespa, but I’m worried my penis will get caught in the wheels.

Doesn’t that prove the point?

What does it say about the size of their genitalia?
Large SUV+cell phone while driving=large/small vagina?

Wait a minute… I drive a Saturn…

I don’t care what anyone says, certain guys who buy huge trucks, without a doubt have a small penis. No doubt, my friend T.J. once had a threesome with me and my girl. He was always into huge trucks, extravagant vehicles and houses, really flamboyant “look at me” type of guy. Well, during the threesome, he whipped it out and it was literally as long as my pinkie finger and not much rounder than it either ! Ooops… Plus, I’ve spoken to many women that can attest to this as well.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. That reason is because there is a lot of truth to them. That’s how they became stereotypes. You’ve never heard of the stereotype that “Children hate to play with toys” have you? Of course not, because it’s not true.

That you own a wheelbarrow?

None of those applied to me, and I miss my Expedition to this day. It had practical purposes once in a while, but not every day. I’m not intimidated by traffic. And it was too old and plain to be a status thing. It simply was appealing to me for all kinds of comfort reasons, that’s all. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. :wink:

We’re talking about penises. Men who drive large vehicles have small penises. Women who drive large vehicles don’t even have penises. Get it? Driving a large car to compensate for a small weenie is a male thing, not a female thing.

I think the article linked in post #4 settles that. They measured how much lift was added to a stock truck and compared that to penis size. They did not compare size of stock trucks.
I mentioned this before on the boards, but I once saw a guy that had an F650 pickup truck. 4WD with a body lift, and a suspension lift and either 46 or 48" tires on it. I shit you not the gap between the door and rocker panel was at my eye level (I’m 5’7"). :eek: Like this one only no saddle tanks, and a higher lift.
In this case, I really don’t think a cigar was just a cigar.
All I could think of was this had to have the smallest dick in the state of California.

A few of you seem to be taking the linked article seriously. It’s from Scoop News, an “online satirical magazine.” There is no Car & Truck magazine. :smiley: There never was any survey. :smack:

Meanwhile, the world still is waiting for the slightest shred of evidence for the ever popular “compensation for small genitals” meme. :rolleyes:

Not only do I have no car, but I have never learnt to drive. :eek:

This is because I have spent all my time learning how to please women. :cool: