Buy me a watch!

No, not really. I’ll buy it - I just need some help in picking one out.

I’m looking for a whacky watch. Something that looks normal(ish) from far away, but gets kinda weird when you see it up close. Not really into the kind with a metal strap. But pretty much anything goes.

My current watch, which is about to give up the ghost, is a Swatch similar to this model. It’s been a good watch, but the six stranded band is starting to wear out and look a bit shoddy. I like the convenience of a waterproof watch, although this isn’t a necessity for my new watch.

I’m in Australia, but I don’t mind shopping online, as long as postage isn’t too ridiculous. I’m also a bit cheap - maybe USD$75 max?

Any favourites?

I have a watch by this artist, and I love it. I have one of the double-wrap watches, but I think the anodized bent wire ones are really cool, too.

May I humbly suggest I collect watches, and buy most of mine from this site. Don’t be scared by the prices on the front page. There are watches for just about every budget. I am female, but like big funky watches. I am especially partial to Invicta, and own one of these. This Brizo is also nice. Brizo is made by Invicta. Ooooooooo, and I might buy this one for myself! I like shopping for you!

I love them!

As a matter of fact, I do have a watch I like:

Timex Ironman Triathlon 42-lap Dress Watch

I wanted hands AND digital, and I dig the way the whole watch face is a liquid crystal display for the digital info. You can toggle it off and have a smooth black face behind the hands too.

Not otherwise fancy, though.


This certainly looks normal from a distance and then gets more than a little weird up close. Cheap, too.

It is nigh on impossible to read the thing quickly, in my experience. But it certainly looks cool.

Out of the price range you quoted, but I am crazy about SUUNTO watches, especially this one.

These watches are aimed at the outdoorsy/fitness types, if that’s your thing…