I was never really a watch guy. My grandmother got me a Wenger two-tone in 9th grade, I bought myself a fossil in 10th grade because a) the Wenger was just too gaudy for me b) all my friends had fossils and I didn’t know any better. I then proceeded to wear neither and now they’re lost in my parents’ basement somewhere. Also I got an adidas sports watch as a groomsman present 3-4 years ago.

Then something in me snapped around October 2013 and I’ve been on a watch-buying spree.

A Victorinox Field Watch: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F3JVU6Q/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

A Casio Illumintor:

And most recently a Tag Aquaracer:

But wait, I’m not done. I’m eying a Tissot Le Locle with a black leather band (gotta have at least 1 kinetic right?), a Casio Databank (calculator watch), something in ceramic just for the sake of having something in ceramic, and this timex: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UCVMK2/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_6?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AGUVYSQC67TL9 for no good reason other than I think it looks good. It’d look good in olive too.

I wear the Victorinox on weekdays because I don’t want the Tag to scratch on the desk/keyboard at work and I alternate between the Tag and the Casio on the weekend depending on my disposition (usually Tag). Problem is, I’m wearing out that leather pretty hard.

Even after I check off the wishlist (probably will by the end of 2014 because none of them are extravagantly expensive) there will probably be more. A blacked out eco-drive. A two-tone Seiko. Obama’s Jorg Gray. A Burberry watch with that nifty checked fabric strap. An Omega Seamaster to play James Bond. The Rolex sub so I can be James Bond*. Pantek 2020 or bust.

Thoughts? Opinions? Talk me down? Share your own list/wishlist?

Disclaimer: Yes, it’s entirely irrational and motivated out of sheer vanity. As someone else wrote in a long-dead watch thread, it appeals to the engineer and woman inside me. Precision meets jewelry.

*Or maybe the GMT II like Johnny LA. I like the military time bezel.

Thought this was a nifty article too:

I used to wear cheap watches and would buy a new one when the old broke. One time I mentioned to my ex that I’d like to get a nice watch and she flat out told me no. After we separated I got myself a nice Citizen Eco-drive.

Since then I’ve added another Citizen, a Movado, a wooden watch I picked up in Hawaii and an Invicta. I wear them all regularly but never the same one two days in a row. No matter how much they cost they were made to be worn, not displayed in some box.

I don’t like how leather bands wear over time so I lean towards metal bands (the wood one being the exception).

My wishlist:




Going through some boxes recently I found two Vostoks I bought in Moscow in 1991. They need some repair work and new bands and I look forward to adding them to the rotation.

Luckily my wife looks at my hobby differently than my ex. She tends to roll her eyes when I mention buying a new watch but in her mind it’s better than spending the money on something else (smokes, booze, hookers).

I use a fabric watchband with a velcro closure, so it can be adjusted easily for tightness. The watch is just a cheap Casio digital.

The funny thing in my case is that I wear the watch pretty high up on the wrist, getting up on to the forearm. My forearm is about 12 inches from wrist to elbow, and my watch is worn up 4 1/2 inches from the wrist.

(And it’s left one heck of a lack-of-a-tan mark!)

I got a used Gruen with a dead battery for two bucks because I like how it looks expensive but not flashy and I remember when Gruen was a good brand. Now they’re on the next tier up from what you get at the dollar store, but you really can’t beat that cheapo generic movement for accuracy.

My most recent is a Skagen Women’s Dual Time Zone Stainless Steel Watch. It performed nicely and was comfortable on a recent trip to 15 time zones away.

Ive accumulated a few. The heavy Bulova. The 80’s Seiko 150. The Citizen W/R200 Eco-Drive with atomic time (based on the time before Dumbassaya Bush).

Recently, I’ve a new Michael Kors that I won… somewhere…

I want a nice watch but will only wear timex analogs because th e are the only ones with indeglow. I absolutely can’t live without it.

I think you mean “automatic.” The “kinetic” is a Seiko technology and not a true automatic because it is technically battery-powered.

If you go high-end, I personally think you should focus on watches with in-house movements. The vast majority of watches have off-the-shelf ETA or Sellita movements marked up by thousands of dollars. Bell and Ross is the worst; $5,000 for an ETA 2892? That is fucking highway robbery.

A Seiko 5 is a real bargain.

I’m wearing one now.Green/white face and olive green fabric strap with display back.
Day/date, automatic movement and currently running about 5 seconds slow per day. I think I paid £49 for it. Nice daily watch.

I’ve been wearing a Hamilton chronograph since October 2001. I wear it daily, no matter what. I’ve had many bumps and brusies along the way (both street and dirt bike crashes) and the crystal is still scratch free.

It has lost accuracy over the past few years. Finally, in November, I dropped it face first onto a stone tile floor. That did it in. It still works, but does not keep any sort of accurate time. I’ll be sending it back to Hamilton soon for a full go over.

My Hamilton (the crystal is smudged here, but still no scratches at all).

It was definitely worth the money. I recommend you check out their product line here.

My big watch splurge a few years ago was a Momentum titanium pathfinder with a sapphire crystal (mine is an older model with all of the numbers and the numbers are smaller). So far so good. It’s nice and light, not that the weight of a watch is a big deal. The lightness is just kind of cool IMO. I’m a pretty sweaty guy and the neither watch body or the leather band has shown any signs of corrosion or rot.

I like analog and like to keep it simple. I don’t really have any use for those tiny second counters and whatnot. I use my phone or bike computer if I need to time something.

Have this Brighton watch but the band broke. I haven’t bothered to replace it. I also have an open link two tone Timex Carriage (I can’t find a picture of it - it’s pretty old) that I wear every single day. I’ve had it for years and it is still going strong I think I’ve only replaced the battery twice.

Step away from the ledge, son, I’m here to talk you down.

I used to wear a watch every day. I felt naked without one. When the battery died on my daily wear watch and I couldn’t immediately replace it I suddenly realized that, hey!, my cell phone displays the correct time (bonus, it always displays the local time wherever I may be) and it’s always with me. So does my laptop, office phone, tablet, car, bedside tables, microwave, oven, DVD player, TV, living room end table, ad infinitum. Jeez, I’d be hard pressed NOT to know what time it is, even without a watch.

Besides, all the cool kids have ditched 'em!

Right, and why buy a Mercedes when a Toyota can transport you to work just as fast? And why wear any kind of jewelry, which has no practical value whatsoever?

It’s been a while since wearing a watch has been primarily about telling time.


I wear a nice one in the unlikely event that I end up down on my luck in a Mexican prison. I mean, what else can I barter with?

How about a Beobachtungs-Uhren (German Luftwaffe watch)? There are some nice reproductions and I’ve been debating on one of them.

I have to put in a good word for Seiko. I’ve worn my Seiko divers watch daily for 18 years now.

Your tables tell time? Are you from the future?

I’ve had this urge to buy a watch here recently - this thread is not helping

Wow. That nerve is awfully close to the surface, might want to tuck it a little deeper. The OP specifically asked

My post hit all 3.

By the way, I drive a 15 year old Mazda and wear no jewelry apart from a wedding band. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: