Do you wear a watch?

Well, do ya? Huh?

As for myself, no. The last watch I owned was in grade 9 (which makes that… yeesh, 24 years ago). I got one of them newfangled digital watches for my birthday. One day the battery died, and when I looked to see what kind of battery it took, I saw that there was a radiation symbol (!) on the back… so I threw it away. When my parents asked me what became of my watch, I told them the story, but they didn’t believe me, and I got in trouble.

Anyway, there’s usually a clock around somewhere, so I’m rarely late.

I got my first watch when I was ten. I don’t remember when, but I stopped wearing it. Didn’t have another watch until after high school. I wore digital watches until I started hanging out with the g/f at the time, then got an analog quartz that served me well for a number of years. Then I stopped wearing watches for a while. Then I got dad’s 1970s-vintage automatic and wore that. Now I have a small collection of watches that I wear. Sometimes I think I’ll stop wearing them again. Just for a while. The urge hasn’t become strong enough yet.

I agree that there is usually a clock around, or someone to ask (if they’ll give you the time of day!). But I like my primary watch and the way it looks when I’m wearing it.

I only wear a watch when i’m paid to do it. At work is the only time.

Only when I’m giving a speech or hiking/running/mountain biking. And then I use mainly to time how long the dog has been gone chasing a deer.

I don’t like them, and I used to have a job where violent people would grab on the watch to do me harm.


I was 10 when I got my first watch. In later years I started playing drums, which is hard on mechanical watches, so I quit wearing watches for several years.

In about 1975, TI came out with a lightweight, cheap digital watch that proved to be fairly shock resistant. I needed one for my job.

Twelve years ago I went back to wearing a mechanical watch.

Always. I have about 6 or 7 watches.
Two have metal straps, and the rest have leather straps. I know that of the leather strap ones, at least 2 or 3 need batteries.
I always wear a watch. I feel naked without one.

I have a really nice Omega that I wear most of the time, and a good Seiko that I wear the rest of the time.
I have a “dressy” Seiko for dressing up.
I really need to get batteries for my dead watches so I can have some more variety.

Always. I think since around 3rd or 4th grade. It’s such a habit that if I’m not wearing one I’ll still look at my wrist to find the time. Or, because I’ve worn watches a little on the loose side, if I’m not wearing one I’ll sometimes shake my wrist to get the watch back in place just out of habit.

I never wear a watch. I own several watches, some of them are even nice, but you’ll never see one on me as I dont like wearing jewelry, bracelets, rings, necklaces etc. When I had a cell phone it showed the time which was good enough. Although when I do wear one, its on my right wrist which is something most ppl I’ve noticed dont do. I guess thats why I’m always late.

Only as an accessory to the theatre or dinner and a night on the town.
Otherwise I always have my cell phone in my pocket.

I’ll be the first to admit to being a watch weanie. I always wear a watch. If you look at my left arm, you’ll see that my skin is paler where my watch is worn. I admit to being one of those people who feels naked without a watch.
I currently own at least 4 watches. My primary watch is my,
" Work Watch". It has dual time zones, a stopwatch, and a timer, plus it’s shock resistant and waterproof. I’m very hard on work watches.
I own several others dress watches, including a Bugs Bunny pocket watch. I even own a Swatch. All of my watches, except the pocket watch feature some sort of illumination device. I’ll stop babbleing now, and return you to your normally scheduled thread.

Nope. Had a neat digital one when I was round 10 which survived the washer and dryer exactly once. I’m a leftie and wearing one, or bracelets for that matter, on the right hand interferes w/ the mouse. Enough timepieces around (computer/car/cell phone/shop signs etc.) or there is always Mr CW around to ask. I don’t really need one. Lucky me.

Nope. I like my arms to weigh the same.

(Mitch Hedburg)

Never. I can’t wear them to work, b/c I bartend and I’m always getting my hands/wrists wet with dishwater. (And nobody makes a pretty, affordable women’s watch that’s water-proof. They’re all “water resistant.” Yeah, whatever.)

And on my days off, I prefer wearing my charm bracelet on that arm, and just got used to not having a watch.

But I have a slightly creepy ability to know the time within five minutes, at any given moment, even if I haven’t seen a clock in several hours.

Yes I wear a watch. I got a semi decent one for my company for my five year deal but my kids mangled it while I slept. The crystal face had been cracked off and it was $49 to replace so…

So I bought myself a watch that was considerably cheaper. $19.95 to be exact and it still gets the job done.

But I have to wear a watch, or I wont come back from lunch


This is attached to my wrist 18 hours a day.

I’ve never been able to bear wearing jewelery of any type for any length of time, and this includes wrist watches. For years, I kept my wrist watch in my pocket, until I finally decided to buy a pocket watch 6 or 7 years ago. My first pocket watch was a cheap battery operated quartz model that lasted about a month before breaking. I went through 3 or 4 of these until I happened to see an antique pocket watch at a flea market. I figured if it was still running after 120 years, it must be pretty well made, so I bought it.

Well, I became so fascinated with this watch that I started doing research on antique pocket watches and eventually started collecting them. I currently have 60 or so in my collection. For years I would wear a different watch every day, on a chain attached to a vest. As my collecting tastes grew more refined, however, I started upgrading my collection, selling off the early cheaper watches and buying more and more expensive examples. Now, all the watches in my collection are worth too much for me to feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis (I wore an especially nice gold watch from 1872 at my wedding back in April).

And so, now I’m back to keeping a cheap Timex wrist watch in my pocket for daily use…


Yes. I absolutely wear a watch. I feel naked, if not vaguely panicky without one on. The skin on my right wrist [I’m left handed] hasn’t seen the sun in years. I’m okay with that.


Can’t wear one at work, just got used to living without. Plenty of other places to check the time, like chattywine pointed out.

I own four but almost never wear them. If I do wear one it’s either the rubber one I bought at the dollar store or the Timex I found seven years ago on the street. I’ve never had to change the battery on that Timex.