Do you wear a wristwatch?

I’ve broken this poll down into gender, age and frequency. I’ve narrowed the frequency to “always”, “sometimes” and “never”. If your answer is “almost always” or “almost never”, please use the “always” and “never” options, respectively.

I selected sometimes, since I always wear one at work or when I’m out in public in a social setting, but never when I’m home or alone (like running errands or at the gym).

Male, 37. Don’t even own one. I have two mobiles, both of which are very good timekeeping devices.

Well, I don’t wear it in the tub or bed.

Male, 26. The only times I leave the house without a wristwatch are when I’m dressed up enough to wear a pocket watch instead or when I’m dressed down enough that I’m not carrying much at all (such as when I go to the gym.)

I sometimes wish I wore one, since its more discreet than looking at my phone, but as a teenager I developed an allergy to nickel, and the inside of my wrist is still pretty sensitive. I could probably find a sterling silver watch and be ok, but after 20 yrs, jewelry and watches are a bit uncomfortable for me.

I have narrow wrists so I don’t feel like I look good with a watch, though I have worn one in the past.

The only time I wear one now is while I run.

Male, over 50, my last watch broke about 6-7 years ago and I didn’t see the point of replacing it. Kind of nice not to have that thing dangling from my wrist, I must say.

Male, 31. I wore one in grade school for a few years when it was the “thing” to do. We liked to compare all the different features to see who had the coolest watch. Eventually most of us ended up with the Timex Ironman.
I haven’t even thought of wearing one since then. I have a cell phone for checking the time and I’m not a ‘fashion’ kind of guy so I wouldn’t wear one to look good.
Also, like Sicks said, I have skinny wrists (and arms) so that kind of stuff tends to look clunky on me…like Randy Jackson with his giant watches.

First thing that goes on after waking up, last thing I take off before going to bed.

Female, 48. I wear one nearly every day, excluding loaf-around-the-house and/or do housework days… They’re jewelry and therefore pretty! I’ve wore a watch every day since high school.

Male, won’t be 50 for over a year yet. I have worn them in the past, but not regularly for a couple of decades. Part of it is that I don’t like stuff on my arms and hands. I prefer short sleeved shirts, own no rings, etc. When I have worn a wrist watch, I am very hard on them. I have lost a few, and broken the bands on many others. I eventually decided I didn’t like being constantly reminded of the time.

I did wear a watch when I was living in Vienna. The trains and buses run on time there. A decent watch is the difference between catching the last U-bahn, and having to pay the extortionate late night cab fares.

I can’t wear any kind of bracelet because my skin is so sensitive. I have my mother’s 1940s 14K Hamilton I’d love to wear, but it just sits in my jewelry box.

I own one, a decently nice one, and wore it when it was working, but at some point the battery died and I’ve just never gotten around to replacing it. I’ll still wear it on the incredibly rare occasions that I wear a suit despite it not working.

Female, 40. I wear a watch virtually 24/7 and feel naked without it. I also have a cell phone that does a good job of telling me the time, but I prefer to look at my watch.

If you’re sensitive to metal, try a plastic Swatch (Yes, they’re still around.). I’ve also got a nickel sensitivity but I’ve never had a problem with a Swatch. I just take it off in the shower to wash my wrist, but it’s waterproof so it goes right back on.

M, 39. Used to. Never really liked them. Gradually stopped wearing mine after I got my first cell phone 12 years ago.

Male, 30. Selected sometimes, as I don’t wear it around the house or if I’m doing anything where it’ll get wrecked. I also can’t wear it (or my wedding ring) when I golf.

I feel naked without it at work, though.

I chose “Never”, as I haven’t in decades. Female, narrow wrists; I have quite the selection of bracelets, given to me or because I thought they were pretty, that I don’t wear because I cannot STAND having something moving around on my wrists. Though the right watch will be nice and tight, I still slam it into things, so…never.

I have a couple of watch FACES that I’ve repurposed into broaches though, hehe. Can pin those suckers anywhere!

Male, age 46. I’ve worn a wristwatch since I was around 8 years old. I feel naked without one.

Nope, I don’t wearing a wedding ring either, and don’t wear bracelets. Basically, I like to keep my hands and wrists unadorned. :slight_smile: